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Wolfe Island wrap-up — with videos

August 11th, 2010

What a terrific weekend we had at Wolfe Island. We wimped out on camping and stayed at MacDonald’s B&B, in a cabin separate from the house:

This used to be a stable (hence the decor), though it felt so tiny… and then, we found out why:

Just next door was a larger stable with a horse… and a MINIATURE horse. Turns out the MacDonalds used to breed the minis, and the sweetie above is their last one; she’s 29!

As for the MUSIC… well! It’s taken me until now to sift through, fix up and post all the vids I took. I’ll let them speak (sing) for themselves:

Katie Moore (with Snailhouse) — Rush Enough

Cuff the Duke — Another Day in Purgatory 

Jim Bryson (with Jill Barber and The Weakerthans) — Freeways in the Front Yard

The Acorn — Dents (Glory, Pt. 1)

Diamond Rings — On Our Own

Bahamas (aka Afie Jurvanen) — You Release Me (please correct the title if you know it :)

Think About Life — again… let me know if you know the title to this, please. These guys were the surprise hit for me — I’d never heard of them, and they blew my socks off!

Shad — We, Myself and I

The Weakerthans — One Great City!

The Weakerthans (with Jim Bryson) — (Manifest)

Another highlight of the weekend for me:

That’s me with Shad, who’d had a phenomenal set just hours before. John snapped this at the after-party, and when we left, Shad was on the dancefloor, still wearing my re[TURN] shirt. Whee! We will be back next year, to be sure.

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Return to Wolfe Island

August 5th, 2010

Last year, I went to the Wolfe Island Music Festival for the first time, and I had a blast. I’m going back again this year — again, to partake at their Vendor Village, but also just to enjoy the tunes. We’re wimping out on camping this time around, since standing at a booth and selling t-shirts all day after only 2 hours of sleep was a bit of a challenge last year (those campers like to party!).

Also vending will be my buddy Stirling Prentice, aka Winged Beast Outfitters. His tees put a smile on my face:

I Heart Good Bands - Men's and Women's T-shirts

Robots are Coming and They Want Kittens - Men's and Women's T-shirtsIf you’re an indie Canadian music-head and in the neighbourhood, I recommend the festival — it’s a free ferry-ride from Kingston, and a really nice laid-back event.

Have a terrific weekend!

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Happy Canadagnzzzzzz….

July 2nd, 2010

MADE TO ORDER Canada House - Maple Leaf - Red WhiteCeramic Canada House by thelittlereddoor

***Keep your eyes peeled for this adorable house on The D.A.D. Project***

It was going to be a laid back Canada Day from the get-go — meeting up with a couple of friends, going to see/hear some live music during the day…

We went for a bite mid-afternoon, during which I asked for a virgin Caesar (for non-Canucks, it’s similar to a bloody mary, I’m told). A few sips in, I started feeling funny. After some investigation, turns out the drink wasn’t so virgin. And I’m allergic to alcohol. Not anaphylactic or keel-over allergic… More like speeding heart rate, beet-red flushed face, shortness of breath, hysterical laughter, then passing out allergic.

I’d only taken in a third of the drink, not enough to induce the entire parade of symptoms… but I moved immediately to water and felt a little in-the-clouds for the rest of the meal.

I got home at around 5 p.m., crrrrashed! shortly after, then awoke a little before 10 p.m., just in time to hear the fireworks blasting off downtown. Ah well, in all honesty, I hadn’t made concrete plans to go see them anyway.

So… part of me thinks I should call the manager of the resto to let them know what happened.

Or would I be making a mountain of a molehill?

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