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Just call me Auntie Em

March 19th, 2010

My dear friends Steve and Eva are 1st-year university sweethearts. We all lived on the same floor in residence… I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since we all met, and how adult-like we all are now (pffft!).

Three years ago, when they were expecting their first baby, Steve told me they were going to name her Emily if she was a girl. I gave a nonchalant “Oh, that’s nice!”, not wanting to presume anything. He said something like “Uh, after you, ya dummy!” I think I emitted something like “Wheeeeee!!!!!” while kicking my feet wildly. Their firstborn turned out to be a beautiful boy, whom they named Nate.

Fast forward two and a bit years to this past Tuesday, and along comes Steve and Eva’s lovely baby #2: Emily. I went over yesterday to take some photos, and the one above is one of my favourites.

Here’s one of Nate, giving his little sis a bisou:

I couldn’t be more elated, proud or honoured right about now.

StEva, I love you guys, man… and you sure do make cute babies!

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Waking up and smelling the coffee

March 15th, 2010


“Keep Calm and Drink Coffee” Customizable Print by KeepCalmShop

A few minutes ago, I was walking home on Bank Street from an appointment. I approached an intersection and slowed down because there was a hand on the crosswalk sign. As I did this, I caught up with a young boy of about 10 years old. He was hesitating as an older boy (about 12) called out to him, having already crossed the street: “Come on! There’s no cars!”

Just then, the sign switched, so I proceeded walking, and the 10-year-old ran past me to meet up with the 12-year-old, who was holding a large cup of coffee. Then they proceeded to scamper on ahead as I followed behind them.

In the span of two seconds, I had a few thoughts flit through my mind — I wondered what a preteen kid was doing drinking a huge coffee, I furrowed my brow at the fact that the older boy had chided the younger one to cross against the light, I did a little scoff at the fact that it was Starbucks when there are so many great locally-owned cafés on the same block…

All of a sudden, the two boys slowed down and turned into an alley between two shops, and as I continued to walk past them, I watched as they handed the coffee to a homeless man who was sitting against the wall.


I don’t mind eating a bit of crow when, at the same time, my faith in people (especially younger ones) is a little restored.

Those kids brightened up the day for at least two strangers.

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Lightning Round with my big sis Serena (who draws :)

March 4th, 2010

When we were kids, I took for granted how much my sister Serena would play with me and all the things she did — like creating an entire make-believe game that revolved around me having 100 horses, or spending hours drawing multi-page murals of animals and people on that folding computer paper from the 80’s. I was one lucky kid, and still know that I have the world’s rockingest big sister. Before I get any mooshier, I’ll just move onto the 20 q’s and show you why I’m also so proud of her.

1. How and when did you start drawing?
I don’t ever remember NOT drawing so maybe as soon as I was able to pick up a pen/pencil, I just started doodling.

‘Animalbetized’ name print

2. Recently, you took a year off from the corporate world to delve more into your creative side; what was/were the most valuable lesson(s) from this?
That it’s okay to take the time to be good to yourself and feed your spirit (no matter how scared or doubtful you are about doing so). I’m back in the corporate world which I’m cool with but I’m so glad that I’ve laid some groundwork to keep my creative juices flowing.

3. Ideal lazy Sunday?
Sleep in a little bit, have a yummy breakfast (e.g. latte, fruit smoothie, bacon, oatmeal with apples and roasted almonds), go for a
walk and/or to the gym, veg out in the evening.

4. You are a HUGE foodie. What’s your favourite meal?
Bi bim bap, various pasta dishes, a good curry or roti, bacon and … oh, you just wanted one item? ;)

5. Introvert or extrovert?
A fine balance of the two with some tendencies towards introvert.

6. You put up a Creative Something Of The Day (CSOTD) on your blog everyday; can you tell us how this came about and how you get your ideas?
In 2008, I decided to leave my job to regroup and tap back into my artistic side. As I this timeline came to an end, I knew I wanted a vehicle that would help fuel my creativity and keep me drawing everyday – hence the birth of my Creative Something of the Day blog. I asked my guy=Marc=”CCS”=”Collaborative Creative Someone” to lend his support by giving me the words and phrases that my drawings are based on. It’s worked out really well (although I’m a few days behind right now thanks to the distraction of the Olympics!).

7. Worst job you ever had?
Probably working part-time in a real estate office in the evenings – BORING – but at least I got to read and draw.

8. If you had the time, what’s something you’d work at improving or learning?
Agh, so many things … I’ll stick to one for each. To improve: time management (I can be such a procrastinator!) To learn: Spanish

9. What is your kryptonite?
Baby animals or anything cute.

10. What’s the last movie you saw in a theatre, and did you like it?
Avatar – although the story was pretty unoriginal/predictable, I still enjoyed and marvelled in the animation/CGI and the 3D effects.

11. Have you made any new year’s resolutions for 2010? Not officially but have managed to get back into the gym regularly, started bringing my lunch more to work and am finally using one of those reusable mugs for my daily coffee.

12. How/when/where do you get your inspiration and best ideas for your illustrations?
Lately, it’s more about “in the moment” – like when I get my words for my CSOTD, or if someone asks me to come up with an idea for a drawing. I usually have an automatic idea/visual for the drawing but like to have a bit of time to mull it over to see what else pops up in my head.

13. You live in Toronto (boooo); what do you like least and best about it?
Love the convenience and availability of everything around and especially all the different cultures and foods. The busy-ness of it all can be fun but can also get on your nerves, like riding crowded subways and streetcars with cranky people. It’s alway a nice getaway to Ottawa where I find things greener, cleaner and calmer.

14. Happiest kid memory?
Getting candies/chocolates from our Grandmother whenever we asked – she always had a stash of it somewhere.

Cover of our uncle’s book, which Serena illustrated

15. You illustrated our uncle’s book (Journey to the West with the Stone Monkey) — congrats! What were the best and most challenging aspects of the project?
Thanks! Best part was being asked to be involved in such a special and personal project. One challenging aspect was making sure the characters stayed true to their traditional interpretation AND reflected my own style. I also wanted to make sure that my uncle “approved” of all the illustrations and was happy to have them accompany his writing.

… and one of the illustrations inside

16. Dream vacation spot (barring logistical/budget limitations! ;)?
I would say Belize, the Galapagos and Iceland are at the top of the list but I’d be pretty happy to get up and go just about anywhere right now!

17. Most often visited website(s)?
Mostly news sites, Youtube and your blog!

18. Chocolate or vanilla?
Give me a double – a scoop of each flavour!

19. What are you most proud of right now?
Having taken the time off to help get myself into a better headspace about so many things.

‘Animalbetized’ single letter S

20. Finish this sentence: “I am…”
I am very grateful for so many things in my life: my health, a caring family, a thoughtful/supportive partner, a strong/close network of friends.

You can find out and see more about Serena and her talent:

Thanks for playing along, Serena — you are huge inspiration and one of the reasons I am where I am! Moosh moosh moosh :)

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