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Urban Art @ Minto Park — Saturday, July 24th, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

July 23rd, 2010

Sunny SunSunny Sun by kateendle

Fellow Ottawa-heads — if you’re looking for a nice Saturday activity tomorrow and if you like to support local artists, head over to Urban Art @ Minto Park on Elgin at Gilmour!

Rain or shine, we’ll be there, selling our wares (and wears ;) — 60 different artisans from photographers to sculptors, glass blowers to jewelry-makers…

Last year’s event began with huge downpours, though it was nice out by noon. Tomorrow’s forecast has me wincing… let’s hope that’s a feeble 30% percentage of precipitation:

*Ahem… I’m rooting for the guy in the picture above. (Isn’t he cute!???)

If you do come to the event, please come and say hello. I’ve met a few of you at events now, and it’s encouraging to know that people actually read my rambling — it’s always a huge pleasure.

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Double my pick-me-up

July 21st, 2010

Check out the adorable surprise that landed my email inbox this week… Daniel received this gift of onesies from a colleague (who’s a friend of a friend), and passed along this photo of his twin daughters Katie and Lara. Thanks for sharing, Daniel — you and your girls made my day!

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Weekend ramble: launch, talk, watch, analyze

June 12th, 2010

With the kick-off of The D.A.D. Project this past Monday, I’ll likely blog a little less often here [insert game show "wonh-wonhhhh" here] — so I’ll probably be doing some catch-up rambling now and again, like today.


The D.A.D. launch, by the way, has been terrific. In five days, we: sold four items, received $200 in donations on our Canadian Cancer Society Team Page, gained 118 members for our facebook group, and received many supportive messages and comments. So exciting and encouraging!


Say Anything Speech Bubble Chalkboard

Say Anything Speech Bubble Chalkboard by PlayingGrownUp

I’ve been asked to be a speaker at an upcoming event for a group called Case Study Jam. I used to work with Bob (who helps organise CSJ and who also runs his own gig, Translucid Communications) and he has asked if I would give a talk about how I turned m chen wears from a hobby into a business. Other speakers will be Mark Buell and Sheila Bergeron from CIRA, and Don Chow from Foodieprints.

If you are in Ottawa, interested in communications / social media stuff, and available next Thursday, you can  register (for free) here.

I actually don’t mind speaking in front of a crowd. I get slightly jittery, but not “don’t-wanna-do-it” anxious. Thinking about public speaking brings me back to my grade 10 Effective Communications class, where we each had to present a speech to the class and then get critiqued. I did ok, but it turns out that I have a tendency to wink when I’m nervous… let’s hope I can keep my eyelids under control so that I’m not coming on to half the crowd.


I just saw Dan Mangan’s wonderful (and award-winning) Road Regrets video this morning. I love this guy… and may have mentioned him a few times here already. I hope you enjoy the vid and song as much as I do:


I caved and installed Google Analytics to this site. I’ve been watching my stats using cpanel for months, so I had a gist for the numbers already, but GA is pretty cool. The downside is that it shows my traffic as being about half of what cpanel does. What the…?

GA has shown me some fun info though. Like how one of my most popular posts is the one about Bon Jovi’s name (I’m sure his fans aren’t too happy about it), or how much longer Canadians stick around and read stuff here than people from any other country. Maybe it’s because I spell “favourite” with a ‘u’.

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