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Thanks to nea, I grew a widget…

January 6th, 2009

Back in November, when I was still very new to etsy, I met a great fellow seller in the virtual labs — her name is Janick, and she has two shops: neawear and neablossoms. Shortly after we met, she very kindly featured me in her blog. When I started up this puppy a month later, I always knew that I’d love to return the favour at one point.

So voilà! Fellow Canuck and graphic designer, she recently turned her full-time efforts to her handmade endeavours — now, that’s chutzpah!! Lovely lovely jewelry and wall wear:

Mustache Necklace

Verdi Necklace

Heart Me Earrings

I’m always astounded and grateful to think that people — with hard work, a dash of talent and lots of planning — can make (at least part of) their livelihood from stuff they love to do. And obviously, as this is now her day job, Janick is a case in point. A very helpful and supportive one at that!

For those of you who have been watching closely, I have a new fancy schmancy animated gif on the right sidebar now… I had NO idea how to do this, but when I messaged Janick to ask, she so kindly pointed me in the right direction. It’s called a ‘widget’. Sure!

Many thanks for the encouraging words, nea — and here’s to a healthy, happy and creative 2009! Big kudos for following and carrying out your dream :)

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It’s alive… REALLY alive!

December 10th, 2008

Man, who knew blogging was so complicated? I figured it would just be a quickstart thing, but there were a few snags… the sweet man who programmed my site (yay Tony!) had to basically reboot the whole thing to get all the bells and whistles going; so now you can click around, subcribe to the RSS feed, and comment — and everything seems to work. As a result of the reboot though, I had to re-post my first three posts.

Please do let me know if you ever encounter and glitches or blips here. If there are any problems with this blog — besides content ;) — they’re only here because I don’t know of the issue.

One little rave before I head to bed. My latest obsession is with etsy.com — a site where a couple hundred thousand artists/artisans (myself included) sell their goods. There is so much damn talent, all in one site. I’ve decided to do all my Christmas shopping from the site this year — both because there’s just SO much cool stuff on there, and also to support other artheads like me.

Got this amazing copper bangle for my dear friend Amanda (already gifted, so this ain’t a spoiler):
honeycomb copper bangle

And this sweet pure silver maple seed necklace for John’s Mum (she doesn’t have a computer, so I know she won’t see this):

SALE Pure Silver Maple Seed Pendant previously 38.00 now 30.00

And this wet bag, which is SO well made and with the funkiest fabric, for dear friend Pascale (again, already gifted):

Wet Bag in Honeydew Bikini Line

All the other loot I got is waiting to be given at holiday time. It’s the earliest I’ve ever had so much of my shopping done though, and it’s pretty fun to have a steady stream of snail mail landing at my doorstep! It’s especially cool to shop this way, since I have a huuuuge aversion to malls. I think it’s because I feel like people become zombies in malls. Either that, or jackasses.

So there’s my plug for the day. And with that, farewell to hump day!

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A work in progress

December 10th, 2008

[From December 4th, 2008]

I know there are definitely glitches here on this one-day-old blog. I was a genius when I decided that now was the time to launch this puppy, I tell ya… I’m in the midst of a massive project that I’ve been doing annually for the last three years, laying out the program for an international hockey tourney — over 500 teams, and I’m laying out every pic, roster, ad, etc etc. Wow, a lot of people named their kids Jake, Jack, Jacob / Jakob, Lucas, Evan, Zachary and Matthew in the late 90’s!!! Program’s due on Friday so I’ve got two über-late nights in front of me… Writing now between tasks, actually.
I also have two craft shows this weekend — Ladyfest on Saturday, Glebe Collegiate on Sunday.

And I smartly launched this blog this week. So yes, bugs galore, I know it. I know people are just chompin’ at the bit to comment, for example, but hell, I can’t seem to figure out how to let that happen. Argh.

So please bear with me and my blognorance — I’ll figure it out one day. Soonish. But for now, back to the Zachs. And Jakes. And Matthews…


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