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Archive for February, 2009

Heavens to etsy: ohkayk

February 20th, 2009

I had an optometrist appointment today. Not something to get too excited about — especially the air-puff-in-the-eyes dealio, and feeling like an irresponsible myopic when the doc asks me how often I replace my contacts. AND things are still blurry from those dang eye drops, even as I post this.

The one thing that brought a smile to my face during the session was when I went to read the eye chart… I got a flash of ohkayk’s brilliant prints in my head:Helen Keller Eye Chart Quote - 8.5x11 Textured Stock Print

Mark Twain Eye Chart Quote - 8.5x11 Textured Stock Print

Henry David Thoreau - Eye Chart Note CardSo simple, colourful and thoughtfully laid out, ohkayk prints quotes from the likes of Helen Keller, Albert Einstein and Henry Bergson — in the template of an eye chart.

She also happens to be a darn nice lady to chat with. Drop by her shop and take a look; I think you’ll like what you see!

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Obama is coming to town

February 18th, 2009

Downtown Ottawa is awhir… the manholes have been welded shut, mailboxes and garbage cans have been removed, and streets will be shut down tomorrow morning. All in preparation for Barack Obama’s visit to the nation’s capital. People have been buzzing about this for weeks, and the visit itself will last all of six hours. As a tribute to tomorrow, here are a few of my favourite à-propos etsy items:

  1. Barack Obama Art by the lovely emcee
  2. Inaugural Obama Necklace in sterling silver by onelifejewelry
  3. Barack Obamouse by TheHouseOfMouse
  4. Yes we can Letterpress Birthday Card by afavorite
  5. Wood Obama Pin by silvercocoon
  6. O-BALM-A Lip Balm by herbanlifestyle
  7. Blue Wings Women’s T-shirt by coup

What a group of talented folks, I must say!

As for me, I have opted out of being part of the teeming masses who will undoubtably gather on Parliament Hill for the event. Instead, I have very smartly *GROAN* booked an eye appointment on the other end of the city at 10:40 a.m., ten minutes after Obama lands.

And with that… welcome, Mr. President!!! I hope you brought longjohns.

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Valentine’s with Peter Elkas

February 15th, 2009

In the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, John and I had a most romantic evening… at a BobCat house concert featuring Peter Elkas (and lovely opener Andrea Simms-Karp) with 40 other lucky audience members. I’ve seen Peter perform, oh, a few times… but in such an intimate space where you could hear a pin drop, this was an absolute treat and a truly unique experience.

Peter played with “Master of Music” Doug Friesen, who accompanied with a stand-up bass:

Photos by John Bagnell

Besides having talent, voice and charming banter, Peter also happens to be an incredibly nice and humble guy. Plus, he does a mean version of the Family Ties theme song.

Until you get the chance to see Peter live, drop by his myspace page to take a listen — ‘Party of One’ is still probably my favourite to sing along to. And if you ever get the chance to sit next to him, I urge you to try the ol’ yawn-and-stretch move — he’s a sucker for it!

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