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Archive for April, 2009

A sisterly shout-out

April 29th, 2009

Today is my sister’s birthday, and I want to send out a booming “WOOHOO” her way, plus some e-birthday-bumps. Serena and I have pretty much always got along — amazingly. I don’t remember her once telling me to get lost when we were kids; in fact, she created full-on games and scenarios for us to play, did all the voices for my stuffed animals, illustrated stories and paper dolls for me, let me copy all her drawings… I was one lucky little sister. (Well, there was that one time she came up with a game, where if she said “lickety split!”, I’d have to do whatever she said as fast as I could… but I caught onto that! After a week or so…)

Happy birthday, Jeh — thanks for laughing harder at all my jokes than anyone else does, for being my creative sounding board, and for always being in my corner. You amaze me with your talent, your openness, and with the amount of noodles you can put down in one sitting.

All good things!

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Winners of the Chen Sistahs’ Spring Cleaning Giveaway!

April 28th, 2009

Huge thanks to everyone who entered Serena and my first joint contest! There were 84 actual entrants, 111 ballots (with all the twitter and blog add-ons), and just about enough positive feedback to make our heads grow a few sizes each. We really appreciate all your interest and kind words — thank you!

The six winners are [drum roll please!]:

  1. Summer from …to paraphrase… — chose a One a Penny tee
  2. Aliofish from Now We Are Three — chose Placemat II
  3. Mike, as in Michael Huen — chose a Life is but a Dream te
  4. Bridgett from Perideau Designs
  5. Taylor from Curlyfry SC’s Collage
  6. Trevor Teed

(For anyone who may have noticed, I did have to redraw. Our original #4 winner was someone named Caitlin, whose email address didn’t work. So Bridgett and Taylor got bumped up, and Trevor was our next number drawn!)

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Another time around the sun

April 27th, 2009

Today is what my friend MC calls “Welcome-to-the-world Day”. Does 34 mean I’m officially in my ‘mid-30s’? Eeep! Really though, there’s a ton in store for this next year — all very exciting stuff. I’ll surely blab all about it here :)

A few fun birthday facts:

  • I share the same birthday as Sheena Easton. This is annoyingly fitting: her “Morning Train” song is one that I too often get stuck in my head for days.
  • I was born at 6-something-A.M. on a Sunday. This is ridiculously not fitting: as indicated in the pic above, I am and have never been a morning person, especially on a weekend.
  • Some of my favourite childhood memories are the b-day parties my parents put on for us kids, especially the homemade piñatas my Dad put together.
  • I was born in the year of the Rabbit, something I shared with my Grandmother whom I was named after. Her husband (my Grandfather) was a Monkey, and so is John; I find this amazing, and also somehow comforting. I just know my grandparents and John would’ve liked each other.

When’s your b-day, and do you have any arbitrary related fun facts?

Postscript — As some of you already know, my sister (whose b-day is on Wednesday!) and I are having a giveaway; you’ve got until 11:59 P.M. tonight to enter. We’ll draw SIX winners and announce them tomorrow!

Post-postscript — May as well torture you too, since I can’t get this out of my head now:

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