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Archive for July, 2009

A Brood worthy of shortlisting

July 11th, 2009

This past Tuesday, the Polaris Music Prize shortlist was announced. This is an award presented to the best full-length Canadian album of the year, based on artistic merit and regardless of genre or commercial success. I was thrilled to find out that Elliott Brood’s Mountain Meadows is one of the 10 shortlisted contenders.

I’ve seen this trio perform numerous times, and it’s always a romp. They were in town on Thursday as part of Bluesfest in the Byward — and it was a particularly memorable night. It was the loudest, most keen crowd I’ve ever seen at a Brood show; all around me, people knew the words and sang along. There was also the closest thing to a mosh pit I’ve seen in years.

These guys have a sound all their own — eclectic, heel-stompin’, raspy. It always astounds me how they fill in each tune, being just three. Here are a couple of vids I caught from the show:

Give them a listen and see them live if you get the chance. They put on a show and a half, and deserve every success that comes their way; they just happen to be really nice, humble guys to boot.

The Polaris winner is announced at a gala in September; go git ‘em, Brood!

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The day I shot a barrel of monkeys…

July 7th, 2009

I silkscreened up a storm last Saturday — mostly to beef up stock for upcoming shows. I did print a brand new combo, since I’d yet to put re[CONNECT] on a men’s tee.

John kindly agreed to do a shoot with me, and here are some pics of him in the new tee:

Guess which one’s my favourite? hee hee.

I’ve listed this in my shop now, so they’re available to all you monkey fans — hot off the presses!

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A question for fashion-heads…

July 5th, 2009

Lately, I’ve bought a few tops that come with ribbony straps sewn into the shoulder seams, and these loops help hold the garment in place on a hanger. Handy, right? This makes me say “Yay!”

Until I go to WEAR the garment, that is. The dang straps always pop out. This makes me say “Boo…”

If I tuck the loops into my bra straps, they end up buckling and showing anyway.
If I cut them out, the shirt will definitely fall off the hanger.

So far, my foray into wearing girlier clothes is only going mediocre-ly, thanks to these pesky things.

Any suggestions? What do you do? (Suggestions also welcome from guys, even if you don’t have to deal with this issue firsthand.)

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