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Archive for October, 2009

Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly…

October 22nd, 2009

Kelly Hildebrandt and Kelly Hildebrandt, the two Facebook users who have found true love

I recently heard about the story of a girl and a guy — both named Kelly Hildebrandt (and pictured above) — who found each other on Facebook, met, and are now getting married (the wedding was scheduled for October 2009, so it might already be done at this point). It’s a sticky sweet story, but they do seem like nice enough kids — all the best to ‘em!

I can’t help but wonder about all the confusion and weird circumstances that could arise out of this. Imagine trying to figure out whose mail is whose, or what to do when someone phones and asks for Kelly. In all the media coverage they’re getting, they’re being differentiated by being called Girl-Kelly and Boy-Kelly. I think it might be easiest (and maybe less creepy) if they opt to use pet names for each other.

All this to say that, since I heard about this story, this is what I keep thinking of:

Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Kelly Hildebrandts!

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Dan Mangan’s debut at the Sheep: Nice, Nice, Very Nice

October 18th, 2009

So my posts about Dan Mangan are getting numerous, I realize… but if you were at Wakefield’s Black Sheep Inn for last night’s show, you’d understand why I needed to post this too.

Will Currie & the Country French kicked things off — and they were among the most fun and engaging opening bands I’ve ever seen:

The crowd was already in good spirits when Dan and his crew took the stage. This was the first time I’d seen Dan with a band, and the variety of instruments (violin, banjo, stand-up bass, keyboard, trumpet…) were a treat. It’s obvious that all the performers genuinely like each other — it showed in how they each added their sound and interacted.

An added treat was Justin Rutledge’s surprise visit to the stage:

I posted a video of Dan playing ‘Robots’ a few months ago from the BC Scene show at the First Baptist Church… but I couldn’t resist posting this terrific rendition too, which includes a very thoughtful thanks to the CBC’s Amanda Putz as an intro:

For the final song of Dan’s encore, Will Currie & the Country French and Justin Rutledge joined in too, a swell conclusion to Mr. Mangan’s first-ever gig at the Sheep…

I’ve mentioned before that Dan is more mindful than most about the phrasing of his songs; I tell you, it was pretty awe-inspiring when he’d have a pause mid-tune… and you could absolutely hear a pin drop in the Inn. It’s so exciting to see someone who’s this nice and this talented get recognized (woohoo Verge FM’s ‘Artist of the Year’ 2009!) and appreciated. More and more good to come, to be sure.

As a selfish woohoo postcript, I don’t think I’ve yet shared this shot of Dan sporting See how they run — taken the night he did a house concert last year at Amanda and Tim’s:

Something tells me this is a face you’ll see again. Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to hear the voice that goes with it too.

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All the pretty dresses

October 16th, 2009

  1. Eco-friendly Bamboo Wedding Gown (Morgan Boszilkov) by NaturalBridals
  2. English Lace Mini Dress by clairelafaye
  3. Ivory Raw Silk Victorian-Inspired Shoulder Wrap by bonzie
  4. Sakura Petal Dress by junejulyseptember
  5. Ghost Dress by englishdept
  6. The Sweetness of Roses Dress by iroshka
  7. Eco Chameleon Wedding Gown in Organic Cotton/Bamboo Jersey by isadoraclothing

I’ve mentioned here a couple of times now that John and I are getting hitched. As someone who spends more time in sports gear than dresses, the idea of shopping for a wedding dress terrified me. I did a LOT of research online; I found out I’m a “rectangle” or “square” body type, and that I need to get a dress that creates curves, since I don’t have any of my own. (It’s ok, this didn’t hurt my feelings, I promise :)

I was incredibly tempted by so many gorgeous dresses I saw on etsy (aren’t they beautiful!?), and I loved the idea of getting a handmade dress. But ultimately, with only 6 weeks to the Big Day, and so little experience wearing fancy stuff, I absolutely needed to try something on to know if it’s right or not… so I went shopping at local boutiques instead.

So as of last Tuesday, “Buy Dress” was crossed off the monstrous wedding to-do list… and I adore what I got — it made me feel more glam than I’ve ever felt. I just thought I’d give a little shout-out to some of the lovely togs I’d drooled over in the process.

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