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Archive for December, 2009

A glimpse of m chen wears on The Discovery Channel

December 18th, 2009

Above is a screenshot of Amber MacArthur, host of The Discovery Channel’s Web Nation, doing a recent feature about Etsy, and she’s wearing my reCYCLE tee dress under her blazer.

Check out the full story here (sorry, you have to watch a short ad before the actual video).

I actually went to junior high with Amber, and we reconnected on Twitter. She was über-popular at the time, while I (clearly… ha!) was not — but she was always a nice kid.

My shop didn’t get an actual mention on the show, but I’m still stoked to see my design on screen. Woohoo!

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The curious case of the missing m+m’s

December 17th, 2009

I posted a novel about our big day recently, and how we had a candy buffet. Among the six types of sweets we got, the peanut m+m’s kept causing a stir, every step of the way. Here’s a quick run-down:

  • mid-November — I went to Bulk Barn and bought a ridiculous amount of candy, including a kilo’s worth of peanut m+m’s (knowing that they would be a test for John’s willpower).
  • two days before wedding — I noticed the peanut m+m’s stash was significantly depleted. John did a ‘heh heh heh, I’ll go pick some more up tomorrow’.
  • wedding day afternoon — our rockin’ decorating team of friends set up the dessert table
  • late that night — someone asked a question about the candy that got me looking for the extras bin which, when I found it, contained the jar of peanut m+m’s… it had never been put out! Or had it?

You see, here’s a pic that our photographer Melanie took of the candy bar:

I’d like to point out in the above photo:

Exhibit A — a sixth scoop, set out and with no accompanying jar underneath it (as the other scoops have). And Exhibit B — a sample loot bag I’d made up to show people that they could do the same with baggies and ties provided; look closely, it included m+m’s.

[I'm not sure what I'm trying to prove here, but the evidence is certainly compelling. I think.]

A week after the event, my friend returned all the stuff from the dessert table — the jars and bags of leftover candy, scoops, tongs, etc. And she said that the only thing missing was… you got it… the peanut m+m’s. Her hubby had had some buddies over and pulled them out. The Hershey’s Kisses, rockets, caramels and everything else were unscathed — they only eaten the m+m’s. Hilarious!!! (What IS it with these things??)

So when poor John came home from work that day and saw the big box of dessert stuff that had been returned, he very eagerly dug in and pulled out what was left of his m+m’s:

[insert sad 'wonh wonh' game show music here]

Around this time, I posted pics to Facebook, including this lovely Photobooth shot of Jen & Gerry:

As I posted it, I remember being a little confused because the photographer had left around 9:30, and I was sure we’d only found the missing m+m’s closer to midnight… but I figured I was just mixed up because there was just so much going on that day. So I put the caption “I believe we brought out the m&m’s by this point :)”

Well, Jen emailed me just a few days ago saying that, no, there were no m+m’s out at the time of that photo. She’d just very astutely noticed them in the sample loot bag that we’d put out (see Exhibit B above), and wondered why the heck there weren’t any in the jars! I almost keeled over from laughing.

The moral of the story? If you ever want to put out candy, you can be sure that peanut m+m’s are a popular choice (unless, of course, one of your guests has a nut allergy!). But be warned, if you do get them, strange things will happen.

I wonder if Smarties would have caused such a stir.

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In the neck of time…

December 13th, 2009

Winter has officially landed here in Ottawa. Let the grind of snow-shovelling, car-scraping and longjohn-wearing begin. One of many ways I keep from constantly shivering is my trusty collection of scarves. I’d love to add any of these gorgeous neck-hugging etsy finds to my horde:

  1. Sweet Pea Hand-Felted Scarf by ElenaMakesThings
  2. Christmas Lights Alpaca Scarf by phydeaux
  3. Oatmeal Drop Stitch Scarf by moocowhandknits
  4. Double Down Cowl by fringe
  5. Tube scarf / Cowl / Neckwarmer from Real Vintage German Mail Bag by malam
  6. Laurent… a scarf by Fluur
  7. Necklush Ultra — Winterberry by necklush

On a related note, this past weekend rocked. For the first time in years, I knitted. I managed to finish a scarf that I started many moons ago — more decorative than warm, but still a ton of fun. Here’s one of the ends, avec tassels:

And here’s a closer-up shot to show you the ‘yarn’:

Like I said, I began this years ago, so I can say with only partial confidence that the name on the skein was “Kitty”; it also came in a copper/brown/gold combo. Even an über-amateur knitter like me can make this easily — I used 6mm needles, and used the knit stitch the whole way (since it’s so loose, there’d be no way of telling if I were on the knit or purl side anyway). This will be a Christmas gift for a good friend of mine; here’s hoping she doesn’t read this post and ruin her own surprise, ha!

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