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Archive for May, 2010

Nesting Nests

May 20th, 2010

  1. Spring Felt Eggs and Twig Nest by plytextiles
  2. Finchlings (original artwork) by annarubyking
  3. Nesting Poppy Bowls in Honey and Red by clearmountaincraft
  4. Finch Rubber Stamp by norajane
  5. Black Finch Tree T-shirt by boygirlparty
  6. Finches Recycled Vinyl Record Silhouette Necklace by RandomPrefect
  7. The House Finch Bobby Pin by frinci

In early April, I mentioned how the robin who built a nest in our front porch last Spring had returned to her nest, right? Well, it turned out that the bird who nested there this year was actually a different Mama… and in fact a different species! I’m no ornithologist, but I think it was a type of finch. The finch was a lot more skittish than the robin was — and flitted away within seconds everytime we came in or out the front door; there was no way of snapping any photos.

We could tell that the finch had actually built her own nest within the robin’s, so we could see the edges of her smaller home peeking up above the original. Nesting nests! Who knew that different types of birds recycles homes?

And then we went away to California… and missed all the action. By the time we got back in early May, all that was left was another empty nest with loads of bird poop around it. Our neighbours told us it had been a very cute and active couple of weeks. Dangit!

So no updates or photos… the above collection is an etsy-based ode to the family we missed out on seeing: some lovely finchy, nestful goodies. Enjoy!

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Snail mail amazingness

May 15th, 2010

Most of what lands in my mailbox these days are bills… so what a nice surprise to get this from one of my clients last week:

In the age of e-communication, there’s something special about getting a tangible (and fully unexpected) thanks through the mail. This put a grin on my head all day!

(As an aside, Spread the Love is a non-profit group that battles hunger “through the simple power of the sandwich”. Founder Miles Rob Aronson was a 2006 recipient of a Top Twenty Under 20 Award. I’ve been working on Spread the Love’s printed materials and designed their logo a couple of years ago.)

A couple of days later, I got another fun mail package — this one from Ngan of eNVe Designs:

It’s called the Warm Hearts necklace, and I’m just one of many people who has received it in the mail. My job now is to find a creative way to wear this versatile piece, take a picture, and send it to the next person on the list. It’s part of a campaign for cancer awareness, and to raise money for St. Jude’s Hospital. Looking through the cards of people who participated before me was very cool — I know some of these ladies online, and to know this passed through their talented hands made me feel like I was part of something bigger.

And finally… I was doing some cleaning in my parents’ basement recently, and bumped into this letter I got from a local advertising agency back when I was in school:

It’s dated March 29, 1995, so I had just finished my first year of university and had applied for a summer position. I’m pretty sure this was typed out on a typewriter, and it was signed by the company’s president — before the days of email rejections and non-responses! Finding this letter sent my brain back to post-secondary nostalgia, made me laugh that I had the gall to apply for a position (while completely unqualified), and also gave me a sense of pride that I’ve come a long way in 15 years.

So… lots of recent humbling, happy feelings from snail mail.

I urge you to take a half hour out of your week and mail something to someone you care about, and see just how much it’s appreciated on the other end.

And for anyone who might want to receive something, I’ll send a little package to the first three people who send me (through the contact page) their full mailing addresses :)

And because I’m curious: what’s the best snail mail you’ve ever gotten?

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Kick-off follow-up

May 11th, 2010

The first two shows of 2010 went well — though it might not have been the smartest thing to have done back-to-back events right after landing home from two weeks away (and yup, I’ll be posting something about California soon :)!

A few highlights…

At Ladyfest on Saturday, I was neighbours with my buddy Paul Sharp — it was a tight squeeze and some people weren’t sure whose shirts were whose, but it still made for a fun day. We called our spot “Silkscreen Corner” and that’s my friend Renée who helped me out all day. Paul happens to be having an art show in Ottawa in a couple of weeks, if you’d like to check it out.

I got some really nice feedback from people who’d bought shirts from me in past. One guy told me that he’d had people say “Hey, that’s an m chen wear!” to him when he’d worn his shirt out — in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and even Nelson, BC. Also, a couple of different people mentioned my blog; it’s always so reassuring to know people drop by here. Talk about a warm fuzzies for me!

At ArtsPark on Sunday, I fell in love with this four-month-old Cocker Spaniel – Pomeranian pup. I wanted to take this little guy home.

ArtsPark was a  very chilly and windy outdoor show. One of the music performers for the day was Amanda Rheaume — a local artist whose name I’ve heard many times but whom I only met on Sunday. She got and wore a pair of my fingerless gloves for her set. I took this video of her playing “Same Room”, during which a gust of wind actually blows her setlist off the stage (at 1:39); you can see CBC’s Amanda Putz, who host the event, run through the shot to fetch it:

A big happy thanks to everyone who helped out on both days and who dropped by with smiles, hot chocolate and kind words. I obviously get a huge kick out of this side gig of mine, so all this encouragement is big icing on the cake.

Post script: I was pretty much a zombie after the second show ended. At one point on Sunday evening, John and I were joking around over dinner and he said “My noodles are better than yours.” I was so out of it, I could’ve sworn he said “My invisibility ears.” Oy. I slept very well that night!

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