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Archive for July, 2010

Hannah Georgas and The Arcade Fire

July 14th, 2010

Last night was my only visit to the Ottawa Bluesfest so far this year — I didn’t get a pass to the event, for a number of reasons. And am I ever glad I chose yesterday to go.

I’d heard lots about Hannah Georgas lately, and what a treat to see her in a setting as intimate as the Barney Danson Theatre at the Canadian War Museum. She had just the right amount of chit-chat and warmth. I wasn’t sure how she’d tackle some of the more production-heavy tunes with just her and one accompanist, but they did a great job. The sound mix could’ve been better, but it was still a terrific show, and I felt lucky to have been there.

Here’s one of her newer songs, called “Until the Cops Come”:

And one of her better-known tunes, “Bang Bang You’re Dead”:

Right after, we headed to the main stage to catch The Arcade Fire — from a group of 200 to teeming masses of thousands… and our socks were blown off. These guys are just bursting with talent, every single one of them — swapping instruments and taking turns at the mic. There were so many people on stage, I couldn’t keep count. The filmreel running in the back was thoughtful and engaging, and every song was bang-on.

“Keep the Car Running”:

I actually felt my heart swell a couple of times during the show, it was so inspiring.


A terrific, memorable night with the perfect mix of cozy and close-up + big and overwhelming.

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July 8th, 2010

I tried tubing for the first time in my life last weekend… this video is of my last run. John’s on the solo red tube on the left, I’m doubling up with my friend Kim, and I’m on the far right. Our buddy Colin was at the wheel, and did what he calls the ‘full circle attack’. The result, just before the 1 minute mark, is that we gals hit a very rough patch of crossing wakes. We got huge air, my neck went distinctly “cra-cra-cra-crack!” when I landed back on the tube, and I kept my toes pointed the entire time…

10 points for style?

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D.A.D. Giveaway — one day left!

July 6th, 2010

Just a quick note to remind or let you know that we’re having a one-month anniversary giveaway over at The D.A.D. Project. We’ll be drawing a winner at 9:00 a.m. EST tomorrow (July 7th), and the prize is two cds and a hand-printed t-shirt from singer/songwriter Meredith Luce:

Please drop by and enter, and feel free to spread the word!


p.s. You may have heard Meredith’s name here before, since I’ve posted videos of her performances in past. And as a fun aside, John and my first dance at our wedding was her song “Chickadee” — such a terrific tune.

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