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An evening with Leif Vollebekk and Al Tuck

January 11th, 2010

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a house concert at Florence Gardens, hosted by The Acorn’s Rolf Klausener and his housemates. It was a double bill I didn’t want to miss — having heard lots about both artists and yet never having seen either perform before. Pictured above is Rolf introducing Leif Vollebekk, and on the right is Al Tuck being accompanied by fellow host Catriona Sturton. (Apologies for the crazy slow-synchro photo effects and dim videos — the lights were low!)

Leif started us off. His haunting voice and lovely melodies, interspersed with disarming banter, I was wowed and amused. He’s a multi-instramentalist, sings in English and French, and is charming to boot. He seemed completely at ease and happy to share his songs with us, and when the speakers pooped out for a song and a half, he just rolled with the punches without a blink.

Al Tuck was next and was joined by Catriona Sturton on harmonica. Poor Al was under the weather and had a fever, but he was a great sport. Catriona blew me away with her accompaniment and mad mouth harp skills — just the right harmonies, not too much or too little, and sometimes surprising. I was in just the right mood to meander through Al’s songs and quirky lyrics. I’ve heard Joel Plaskett during his shows talk about Al Tuck many a time, and I can see where the influence comes in. I visited the lyrics section of Al Tuck’s site after the show, and his songs read like poetry. I hope I can see him play when he’s feeling well.

My point & shoot obviously doesn’t do a terrific job in low light, but here’s a better lit video taken by wildworks8020 of Leif singing “Don’t Go to Klaksvik” at the same event — thanks for sharing, Lenny!

Altogether, a great night.

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  1. Mers
    January 26th, 2010 at 11:15 | #1

    Ottawa is definitely a small city. My dad works with Leif’s dad, and I went to high school with Catriona. Thanks for the videos. I hadn’t heard either of their music before.

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