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The big three-oh…

December 31st, 2008

No, not ME, silly. I passed that milestone awhile ago…! I was thrilled to come back from my holidays out west to find that I’d sold a few items on etsy… so I’m now up to 29 sales online.

I’m offering to whomever is my 30th online sale: if you purchase a shirt or tote, you will also get your choice of any EIGHT greeting cards from my shop — as a ‘woohoo! thank you’ gift.

For anyone who isn’t already familiar with m chen wears or totes, here are a few samples:

Jiggety jig - squid on a white women's sleeveless hoodie

One a penny, two a penny - elephant on a black courier bag

We all fall down - trees on a baby blue men's tee

And as for the cards, you can get a view of them by looking at this listing, though here are a few samples (there are eight designs in total):

Your choice of any EIGHT Greeting Cards with Original Illustrations

Happy new year, y’all :)

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