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A work in progress

December 10th, 2008

[From December 4th, 2008]

I know there are definitely glitches here on this one-day-old blog. I was a genius when I decided that now was the time to launch this puppy, I tell ya… I’m in the midst of a massive project that I’ve been doing annually for the last three years, laying out the program for an international hockey tourney — over 500 teams, and I’m laying out every pic, roster, ad, etc etc. Wow, a lot of people named their kids Jake, Jack, Jacob / Jakob, Lucas, Evan, Zachary and Matthew in the late 90’s!!! Program’s due on Friday so I’ve got two über-late nights in front of me… Writing now between tasks, actually.
I also have two craft shows this weekend — Ladyfest on Saturday, Glebe Collegiate on Sunday.

And I smartly launched this blog this week. So yes, bugs galore, I know it. I know people are just chompin’ at the bit to comment, for example, but hell, I can’t seem to figure out how to let that happen. Argh.

So please bear with me and my blognorance — I’ll figure it out one day. Soonish. But for now, back to the Zachs. And Jakes. And Matthews…


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