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Gratitude (albeit late…)

March 22nd, 2010

Ohhhh, Emily Post would be tsk-tsking us if she knew, but we’re only just getting around to doing our wedding Thank You cards now. I think the rule of thumb is that we have a year to send them out, but at almost four months post-nuptials, we feel like delinquents.

I used one of our favourite shots on the big day (taken by Jon Rennie), laid out a card, then got it output by a printer in town, and they came out terrifically! Now, to write them out, address / stamp / post them, and send a couple of photos to some of the relatives at the same time… we’ll get there eventually.

On a distantly related note, John had a terrific opportunity a couple of weeks ago to go on a plane ride (in a Cessna, to be exact) with a friend of ours. He, of course, took a whack of photo gear. Here’s one of many shots he got flying around the city:

That crazy-shaped building right in the middle of the image? That’s the Museum of Civilization, where we got hitched in November. For any plane or aerial shot fanatics, you can see a bunch of other shots John took on his flight by clicking here.

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