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Hannah Georgas and The Arcade Fire

July 14th, 2010

Last night was my only visit to the Ottawa Bluesfest so far this year — I didn’t get a pass to the event, for a number of reasons. And am I ever glad I chose yesterday to go.

I’d heard lots about Hannah Georgas lately, and what a treat to see her in a setting as intimate as the Barney Danson Theatre at the Canadian War Museum. She had just the right amount of chit-chat and warmth. I wasn’t sure how she’d tackle some of the more production-heavy tunes with just her and one accompanist, but they did a great job. The sound mix could’ve been better, but it was still a terrific show, and I felt lucky to have been there.

Here’s one of her newer songs, called “Until the Cops Come”:

And one of her better-known tunes, “Bang Bang You’re Dead”:

Right after, we headed to the main stage to catch The Arcade Fire — from a group of 200 to teeming masses of thousands… and our socks were blown off. These guys are just bursting with talent, every single one of them — swapping instruments and taking turns at the mic. There were so many people on stage, I couldn’t keep count. The filmreel running in the back was thoughtful and engaging, and every song was bang-on.

“Keep the Car Running”:

I actually felt my heart swell a couple of times during the show, it was so inspiring.


A terrific, memorable night with the perfect mix of cozy and close-up + big and overwhelming.

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