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What’s in a name (part II)? Lots if your name is Bon Jovi…

March 15th, 2009

Earlier this month, it was Jon Bon Jovi’s birthday… when I heard this, I had a little chuckle, which is what I do every time I think of Jon Bon Jovi. See, the first time (and every time since) my Dad heard the name “Bon Jovi”, he had a pretty huge laugh… and pointed out that it sounded like a term that we pronounce in Taiwanese (and I’m sorry I can’t do the intonations here) “BUNG-jo bee”, which translates to English as — are you ready? — the “stench of urine”.

Another name my Dad has a ton of fun with is game show host, Pat Sajak. In Taiwanese, “Pah SAY-jah” (with the correct tones) means “Smack the little bugger”.

Maybe Taiwanese and English are more alike than you’d think, hey?

(Part I of ‘What’s in a name?’ is here)

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