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A pat on the back

March 26th, 2009

I’ve been working on design projects with the National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA for the last couple of years now. From revamps to their look to designing their Annual Reports, it’s been go-go-go since I started with them. Beyond the projects though, it’s incredibly warm and welcoming every time I meet with the folks there; and there is also something really rewarding about working with an organization that does so much for the community.

So what icing on the cake it was when I found out recently that two pieces that I’d designed for them recently won awards — from NATO, no less! No, Emily, ahem… rather, from NAYDO — The North American YMCA Development Organization. (I promise, this story would be much more amusing if you were hearing it rather than reading it.)

The design I put together for their “Y Bulletin” quarterly newsletter won first in the Print, Donor Cultivation category:

And then the fundraising “Case for Support” won first in the Print, Capital Campaign category:

It’s always so rewarding to get a nod when you’ve worked really hard on something.

These days, ’tis the season for working on the new Annual Report. Just this week, we had a photoshoot to get some images for it; John came in and we spent a couple of hours taking on-site shots, including in the daycare. John had the tables turned on him at the end:

Despite sounding too mooshy, I really do feel fortunate to be able to work with the Y folks, and I hope to do so for as long as they’ll have me!

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