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The cucumbers are in the lead!

April 12th, 2009

Amongst the many things that I’m looking forward to as the weather becomes fairer, I am extremely excited to work on our balcony garden. Last year was John and my first joint effort at this (though it’s old hat for him), and it went really well — tomatoes, jalepeños, and herbs, oh my…

Since there’s still a chill in the air these days, we started things up indoors… and here’s the progress so far:

There’s something special about eating homegrown stuff. First of all — and I don’t think it’s purely psychological — the veggies are incredibly flavourful and fresh. Then, there’s also the satisfaction of the process, from planting to growing to eating — especially for someone who’s always had a brown thumb… (just ask my non-flowering orchids!)

My incompetence at growing plants is tempered by John’s skill at it, as well as the fact that we grew them in dirt from out compost. Really though, that I can’t screw this up is proof that anyone can succeed at growing their own veggies, so if you’ve ever considered doing so, I say “Go for it!”

So… anyone for a veggie swap this summer?

Post-script: As an aside, we keep our compost out on the balcony with the plants. It’s just one of those big Rubbermaid bins, into which we throw all our organic waste — fruit/veggie scraps and peels, eggshells, coffee grinds and teabags, etc. For those who wonder: nope, it doesn’t stink — as long as the dirt covers all the throwaway matter. The stirring around of the slop can be a little gross, especially after the winter thaw, but it’s all very worth it — the resulting dirt is moist and incredibly rich. As an extra bonus, we end up producing only a fraction of the garbage we used to.

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  1. April 13th, 2009 at 08:29 | #1

    Looks great! I meant to sow seeds indoors this year, but didn’t get around to it and now I’m thinking I’ll have to by the seedlings instead. One of these years, I will manage to start the planting season at the right time!

  2. April 13th, 2009 at 18:51 | #2

    Cool for the two of you, you are ahead of me.. I am so slow this season. must plants the seeds this week.

  3. LTP
    April 14th, 2009 at 14:12 | #3

    Seriously? If you want to plant stuff you’re supposed to have already started it? Crap. Guess it’ll be another season of me torturing my little rose bushes instead of planting plants. Meh… BTW, have I mentioned that I have black thumbs? I managed to kill a vibrant Easter Lily in 3 days. There’s a reason there are no plants in my house.

  4. April 24th, 2009 at 09:56 | #4

    Me and Julia are planting seeds this afternoon!

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