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Return of the Jejudo

December 21st, 2008

A Christmas gift and a half. After six years of being overseas, I am over the moon that dear sweet friend Tara is home.

In 2002, Tara went to South Korea to teach English, and I went to visit her in spring of 2004. A few token memories/lessons:

- TWO sets of slippers when you go into a restaurant and take off your shoes. The first is just for you to wear during the entirety of your visit. But if you go to the washroom, there’s another pair there for you to swap into while you’re taking care o’ business. They like things clean there

- travelling to Jejudo, the honeymoon island where newlyweds go and wear matching sweater sets. We don’t match, but this is us hiking to the top of the volcano:

- hiking… it’s (or it was, anyway) HUGE there. Can’t tell you how many guys we saw wearing colourful argyle knee-high socks over their pants, or women wearing hats with huge shaded visors that flipped down (so they looked like welders). There’s a whole fashion to walking the trails. We were very not à-la-mode.

- doorbells at restaurant tables. Works better than snapping at a waiter.

- go-go girl dancers used to advertise everything from restaurants to political candidates

- seniority and locality rule. As a foreigner, I can’t tell you how many times I got budded in front of by an elderly lady or rushed businessman. If I took too long getting service, boom, they’d just impatiently reach over me and do a transaction right past me.

- free, unlimited side dishes. This whole having-to-pay-for-kimchi we have in Canada? Bah!

- ‘bong’ = ‘room’. So you can go to a DVD bong (rent a room to watch a movie) or a Karaoke bong (private room for singing with your friends). Hmmm, never found out if they had bong bongs, though.

So after a few years working in SK, Tara did a compressed year of schooling Down Under… and now, dammit, she’s finally back in Ottawa. I say a wholehearted ‘WOOHOO’ to that. Welcome home, dude!

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