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Out come the buffet pants..

December 23rd, 2008

People always talk about Christmas holidays as a time for gluttonous food consumption and gorging, and I always used to kinda nod in agreement, with more of a “Yeah, sure” than anything emphatic.

Don’t get me wrong, I come from a long line of foodies, and the Chen household is known for its culinary ridiculousness. I have dozens of friends who’ve said my Dad should open a restaurant, and he’s even been interviewed on the CB ‘n’ C about his “Taiwanakopita” invention (spring rolls that are folded like spanakopita triangles, and baked instead of fried)… Adrian Harewood LOVED them. So yes, we eat. Often. And well. And a lot.

Then three years ago, I went out west for a visit to John’s family — who are wonderful and welcoming and hilarious… and they schooled me. I ate like I’ve never eaten before. It was like a dream that went on for days and days. We would be stuffed and getting up from one meal, just to make our way to the next event. Homemade meals that I thought only Martha could pull off, restaurants that made me sit up straighter, wines whose names I couldn’t pronounce, meats that I don’t see on menus in Ottawa, fries that were made out of 8 different potatoes… I was overwhelmed and wished I had an extra stomach. My “eat till I’m 80% full” rule was out the window and in another country somewhere.

And then there was the po’ boy — cooked up like a pro by John’s bro-in-law.

I always though a po’ boy was a type of sandwich (didn’t you???). Oh no. It’s this super fluffy, crepe-like cloud of deliciousness, covered in an sweet fruity reduction… Who knew? John and I were so impressed with the thing, I asked him to pose with it:

On Christmas day, I’m going back for my third year out to Calgary and Banff, prepared with my buffet pants — which have a stretchy waistband to allow for all the incredible intake that I will most certainly be doing while there. Oh boy… bring on the po’ boys!!!!

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  1. December 24th, 2008 at 08:19 | #1

    LOL. That reminds me of the Friends episode where Joey bets Monica that he can eat an entire turkey by himself and goes to dinner wearing maternity pants.

    Happy Christmas! Eat well my friend. :D

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