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A little late on the Happy New Year train

January 4th, 2010

2010 commemorative year good egg by palomasnest

A heartfelt, albeit belated, happy 2010 to you. Here’s to wiping slates clean and mis-dating cheques for at least a couple of months, ha!

Of course, the new year is a good time for reflection — but I’m an overthinker, and that’s throughout the year. I make resolutions constantly: Listen better / talk less (!!!), Grow a garden, Do nothing sometimes, Be more patient with my Mom, Talk to strangers, Appreciate explicitly, Be more on-the-ball with my bookkeeping, Make more time to draw… The list is always growing, regardless of the season.

Letterpress Coaster Set - New Years ResolutionLetterpress Coaster Set — New Years Resolution by luckybeepress

2009 was one of the most rollercoastery years I’ve experienced, and I’ve intentionally only shared the happier stuff here. But I’m hatching a scheme with my sister Serena which is going to help us tackle some of the tougher parts, and hopefully we’ll be ready to roll in the next couple of months. (I think of it as a plan, but maybe it’s actually a resolution?)

Word on the Tweet

I put this question out to twitter-folks:

And here are some answers I got back:

It’s always inspiring to me to know what people are aiming to do — rah rah rah!

What are your resolutions, whether for New Year’s or ongoing?
And, hmmm, will you call it “twenty-ten” or “two-thousand-and-ten”?

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