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B is for Baby

March 26th, 2010

The last couple of years, I’ve been surrounded by pregnant folks and newborns. Even one of my cousins (whom I swear I remember used to call people who had kids “breeders”) is expecting! I recently mentioned becoming an Auntie Em, something I’ve gladly been learning to be.

Now, I understand the practicality of having a registry for baby showers (otherwise, Mum might get 342 burping cloths) but I tend to stray from the list and try and make something. Here are a few name prints I’ve done for friends in the past, to celebrate the arrival of their little ones… once printed and framed, they’re a constant ‘hello’ from me right in their nursery:

(For anyone who’s wondering… I do these on my Wacom Cintiq; the outlines are done in Adobe Illustrator, then I do the colouring in Corel Painter.)

So is it me, or are baby bumps everywhere these days? Maybe it’s just something in the Ottawa water.
And do you have a go-to baby gift?

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