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Buckethead = teacosyhead

December 25th, 2008

You know how a smell or a song can trigger deeply-embedded memories? As it probably is for most, Christmas is like that for me. Intangible feelings that repeat annually, a sense of it being anyyear, with the same little and big traditions, that eagerness for people to open the gifts that I made or got them… it’s a flurry of events, and the general feel is unlike any other time of the year.

And you know how when you meet new people now, you can almost always compare them to someone else you already know? Even if it’s just their eyes, how they walk, or the way they pronounce something.

So I’m definitely in that Christmas groove, and everything seems to remind me of something. During the extended family gift exchange we have every Xmas Eve, my sister got a funky (and huge!) tea cosy, and felt compelled to wear it. It brought me back to one of my favourite photos of her, one that was taken the year I was born…

1975 bucket vs. 2008 tea cosy:

After the exchange, one of my Aunts gave my sister and me each a trivet, and as we played around with them, I thought back to how we used to play days upon days of badminton in the backyard.

1982 bird-slamming vs. 2008 hamming:

This Christmas, then, I am especially grateful that my mind is so simple that I can’t seem to experience anything new without comparing it to something past… because then it brings me back to places and memories I might otherwise not revisit.

Happy holidays and merry Christmas, everyone! May you have a simple head like me so that you can think back to good times too.

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