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Smalltown readings and big heart bailouts

December 14th, 2008

The weekend was a bit of a whir, and I don’t just mean the sound of bald tires spinning on ice…

On Saturday afternoon, we headed up to East Camden — a small town near Napanee. Dear friend Amanda was partaking in a CBC event, the reading of A Christmas Carol, at the absolutely adorable Bookstore Café. The place used to be the town’s general store, and now sells (you guessed it!) books and antiques, amazing trinkets and curios… pipe holders, butter presses, art deco clocks and defunct radios. We’ve vowed to go back, it was so amazing.

The reading itself was terrific, in an intimate and warmly-lit room. The second of five readers was none other than Bruce Cockburn, and Amanda went third:

photo by John Bagnell

Between staves, there were carols sung by a local choir. It was a pretty magical evening, and the cinnamony cider afterwards made up for the Wendy’s that we’d wolfed down before the show.

Amanda with Bruce (who’s really lovely) after the reading:

photo by John Bagnell

At the show we met a fellow named Chris Smith, who turned out to be neighbours with our friend Pascale, whose cottage we’d be staying at that night. We called him Father Chris-Smith (*groan*) for the rest of the weekend… we were feeling that festive.

After the show, Pascale’s cottage was just a meandering drive away… And there, we had a relaxing evening, midnight snack, half-conscious movie viewing, and subsequent lie-in. Sunday a.m., after more and more food, our exit was another adventure. The hill out to the main road proved a little to steep for the rental car’s not-so-all-season’s, and it took Pascale’s neighbour’s ski-doo to bail us out. (Woohoo Colin!)

Hurray for small towns and nice neighbours… and kick-ass snowmobiles!

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