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Holiday highlights

December 31st, 2009

I just got back last night from visiting my in-laws in Calgary, feeling very fortunate (and overfed). Here is a collection of shots from a jam-packed last few days.

My parents asked all the kids for Christmas wish lists. One of the things I asked for was “fun bright socks”. Don’t these ones rock? (Yes, those are sparkly x’s and o’s on the toes.)

John caught this shot of his sister and brother-in-law’s two new puppies. Sunday is a 7-month-old rescued Border Collie / Blue Heeler, and Sophie is a 13-week-old Black Lab. They are too cute for words.

Calgary skies are unlike anything we get here. I took these on a stroll around the block, near my in-laws’ place.

John and I did a day trip to Banff. It’s always a surreal drive — I feel like we’re in the midst of a model train set every time. The Rockies are breathtaking, even through a mud-splattered windshield… and photos never do them justice.

I’ve never seen frost atop snow like we saw in Banff…

I really liked walking atop a frozen Minnewanka Lake.

So did John.

We realized it was our one-month wedding anniversary that day. My pathetic attempt at a snow-track greeting… just in case you can’t tell (ha!), it’s supposed to say “Happy 1 mo.”

We saw lots of deer and elk during the week…(though, sadly, no giant Mini Wheats)

A terrific way to wind down 2009, I gotta say.

I hope you’re having a terrific holiday too. Here’s to a happy, healthy 2010. See you on the other side!

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Visions of Cowtown

December 30th, 2008

It was a jam-packed holiday visit to Calgary, with loads to see and do. Here’s just a taste of it.

Buffet pants were very much in order for this delish breakfast; John’s sis whipped up some pumpkin waffles with cream cheese, maple syrup and flax seeds:

We took a walk by the partly-frozen Bow River:

We stumbled into the famous Giant Mini Wheats Farm… couldn’t resist trying them!

The funky chandelier made of fallen deer antlers, overtop the dining table — and me being reflective ;)

Oh yes… there WAS po’ boy again:

Beautiful hoar frost… this was taken from the driveway:

I met my cousin’s 18-day old son, Ashton:

Check out what John spotted in the fire — on the left side of the log…!

We made it up to Banff again… Crazy to be able to see the mountains from just about anywhere in town. Another wondrous sight — John wearing my new mitts from his Mom, the way all the cool kids are doing it now:

And deer deer, everywhere were deer… quarreling bucks, then a mum and kiddo:

John’s sis and bro-in-law are the hosts with the mosts — there just ain’t no arguing.

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Out come the buffet pants..

December 23rd, 2008

People always talk about Christmas holidays as a time for gluttonous food consumption and gorging, and I always used to kinda nod in agreement, with more of a “Yeah, sure” than anything emphatic.

Don’t get me wrong, I come from a long line of foodies, and the Chen household is known for its culinary ridiculousness. I have dozens of friends who’ve said my Dad should open a restaurant, and he’s even been interviewed on the CB ‘n’ C about his “Taiwanakopita” invention (spring rolls that are folded like spanakopita triangles, and baked instead of fried)… Adrian Harewood LOVED them. So yes, we eat. Often. And well. And a lot.

Then three years ago, I went out west for a visit to John’s family — who are wonderful and welcoming and hilarious… and they schooled me. I ate like I’ve never eaten before. It was like a dream that went on for days and days. We would be stuffed and getting up from one meal, just to make our way to the next event. Homemade meals that I thought only Martha could pull off, restaurants that made me sit up straighter, wines whose names I couldn’t pronounce, meats that I don’t see on menus in Ottawa, fries that were made out of 8 different potatoes… I was overwhelmed and wished I had an extra stomach. My “eat till I’m 80% full” rule was out the window and in another country somewhere.

And then there was the po’ boy — cooked up like a pro by John’s bro-in-law.

I always though a po’ boy was a type of sandwich (didn’t you???). Oh no. It’s this super fluffy, crepe-like cloud of deliciousness, covered in an sweet fruity reduction… Who knew? John and I were so impressed with the thing, I asked him to pose with it:

On Christmas day, I’m going back for my third year out to Calgary and Banff, prepared with my buffet pants — which have a stretchy waistband to allow for all the incredible intake that I will most certainly be doing while there. Oh boy… bring on the po’ boys!!!!

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