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A Brood worthy of shortlisting

July 11th, 2009

This past Tuesday, the Polaris Music Prize shortlist was announced. This is an award presented to the best full-length Canadian album of the year, based on artistic merit and regardless of genre or commercial success. I was thrilled to find out that Elliott Brood’s Mountain Meadows is one of the 10 shortlisted contenders.

I’ve seen this trio perform numerous times, and it’s always a romp. They were in town on Thursday as part of Bluesfest in the Byward — and it was a particularly memorable night. It was the loudest, most keen crowd I’ve ever seen at a Brood show; all around me, people knew the words and sang along. There was also the closest thing to a mosh pit I’ve seen in years.

These guys have a sound all their own — eclectic, heel-stompin’, raspy. It always astounds me how they fill in each tune, being just three. Here are a couple of vids I caught from the show:

Give them a listen and see them live if you get the chance. They put on a show and a half, and deserve every success that comes their way; they just happen to be really nice, humble guys to boot.

The Polaris winner is announced at a gala in September; go git ‘em, Brood!

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Meredith Luce and Jim Bryson at the GCTC

March 14th, 2009

Last Sunday was a memorable evening at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. I will sheepishly admit that it was my first time setting foot into the building, but I hope it won’t be my last. The café there is run by the drool-inducing Thyme & Again. The stage housed a quaint mid-century kitchen, which was there because of the current play at the theatre. And the sound was absolutely outstanding.

We were there to watch two of our local favourites play a show as part of a series called “Acoustic Waves”, run by the Ottawa Folk Festival.

Meredith Luce kicked things off with an Emm Gryner / Cyndi Lauper mash-up — as a challenge from cbc host Alan Neal. Her set was terrific, and left me wishing it could’ve been longer.

And then Jim Bryson came along, putting to use the array of instruments and gadgets that lay amidst the kitchen appliances — a veritable one-man show. (Though he did get some audience participation by handing out handmade shakers, made of mini ginger ale cans, organic rice and duct tape…)

The show’s highlights will be aired on CBC2’s Canada Live, and will eventually be available online too.

Overall, a great night, and encouragement to go out and get a little more cultured. What an amazing space the GCTC is!

Other videos from the evening:
Meredith performs “Neck of the Woods”
Jim performs “The Wishes Pile Up”

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