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Hitched, and back on the blog wagon

November 29th, 2009

I’ve been a blog delinquent of late, but I have good reason. Yesterday was John and my Big Day. Today, I am exhausted. Deliriously happy, appreciative, humbled, feeling like the luckiest schmuck in the world… but in need of the first real sleep I’ll have had in weeks.

As for the photo: this was partway through the creation of our cupcake toppers for the event — I used to make polymer clay (Fimo, specifically) figurines and beads as a kid… so I had to call on some long unused 3D-forming skills to make these guys. The picture shows you what happened when, after having pulled the bunny out of the toaster oven, I noticed her ears had slumped too far forward. I tried to push them back straight, and… *crack*! I used sandpaper to smooth her head, took this shot, then made new ears and re-baked. Whew, I like it when FAILs are rectifiable.

More follow-up and photos of these guys and other DIY wedding stuff later. But for now, bed calls. Oh, and no, I did not wear pearls.

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