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I’ve been converted to the Church of Dans

April 23rd, 2009

Ottawa is overflowing with West Coast talent these days… We’re in the midst of the staggering BC Scene festival — and last night was just one shining example of what to expect from the event’s shows. It was West-meets-East, a double Dan-M night — where Vancouver’s Dan Mangan set the scene, and Kitchener-Waterloo’s Danny Michel brought it home — and it all took place in the gorgeous First Baptist Church.

John was asked to photograph the show, and I was his second shooter. Above are some of the shots we caught, including the Dans with Amanda, who produces CBC Radio 2’s Canada Live which will be airing the show this Sunday, April 26 between 8-10 p.m (103.3 FM in Ottawa). You can also listen to the show online and see a more complete photo gallery here.

Dan Mangan is probably tired of hearing that he’s an old soul, or that he’s wise beyond his years… but with such a booming voice, artful phrasing and thoughtful words, he’s just asking for it. Here’s his finale, Robots:

I’ve seen Danny Michel, oh, a few times… and he always manages to put a big grin on my head with his humour, witty lyrics, and storytelling. No wonder Stuart McLean likes him so much. Here’s Danny with “White Lightning”:

Through the entire night, you could hear a pin drop — these guys were phenomenal. Dan Mangan was joined by spoken word performer Shane Koyczan (I know, I know, I was skeptical too, but man, this guy blew the crowd away!) for a couple of numbers, and the Dans ended the night by performing together as well. If you have the chance to see either DM or to get their CDs, it’s a big thumbs up from this heathen.

Hear more Dan Mangan here.
Hear more Danny Michel here.

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