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It’s a zoo in here!

June 19th, 2009

As some of you know, we rescued a bumblebee a little while ago. The latest visitor to our humble abode is here for a longer stay… This sweet mama robin has set up house right in the nook of our front porch:

I’m pretty astounded that she chose this exact spot, since it’s relatively high-traffic. Even if we tiptoe in or out, she still sometimes startles and leaves; we’ve been afraid that she might abandon eggs or babies, so we’ve become pretty stealthy with our exits and entries!

And yahoo, here is an amazing shot that John managed to catch with his schmancy camera-on-a-monopod while Mom was out hunting:

I can’t believe how cute these buggers are with their tufty eyebrows and teeny wing/arms. It’s hard not to emit an ‘awwww’ when we see their little heads peep up for food.

More updates to come!

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