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The 50 Bands phenomenon

September 1st, 2009

I’m not usually a big fan of those Facebook notes that involve a long Q&A and an ensuing tagging frenzy — they somehow feel like chain letters. But the 50 Bands I’ve Seen notes have been interesting. In reading some of my friends’ lists, I want to know more about the stories behind some of the shows… How did Jack end up at a Ravi Shankar gig? Nicole saw the Philosopher Kings too… is she as sheepish as I am about being one of their 12 avid fans back in the day? How come Derek listed 100 bands, and was Marilyn Manson a boob?

So here is my list of 50 Bands I’ve seen… with some sidebar notes. I’m posting here because it includes blathering… which I’m somehow more comfortable doing that here than on Facebook.

0 – George Michael was supposed to be my first concert when I was 13. I asked my Mom if I could see him, she said yes, and I proceeded to bounce off the walls. But shortly after, my parents got tickets for us to go see Cats. On the same night as Georgios was playing. I pouted a lot. To this day, that “Memories” song still makes me wince a little.

1 – NKOTB then became my first ever concert. I was in grade 9, and I loved Joey Joe.

2 – Sinead O’Connor was my second concert, just months after.

3 – The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir was my favourite band in high school and university; they were the first band I snuck into a bar to see. I saw their last-ever show in ‘97; their sax player (whom I’d gotten to know because I did some artwork for their website) showed me how to play the musical saw after the show.

4 – Gomez, easily one of my absolute favourite bands all-time.

5 – The Rhinos, before Danny Michel went solo.

6 – Danny Michel

7 – The Philosopher Kings (more times than I’d like to admit).

8 – Coldplay — back when the only song I knew by them was Yellow. They blew me away. Having just played Montreal the night before, Chris Martin spent the entire show speaking to us in broken French: “Uh, bonjour… voici un chanson qui s’appelle… Clocks!”

9 – Joel Plaskett — too many times to count.

10 – Peter Elkas, aka. my funny valentine. One of my favourite shows with him was a CBC Fuse session with Alanna Stuart, and they did a rockin’ cover of the Family Ties theme.

11 – Dan Mangan. Watch for him. Now that I’ve written his name, I’ll have Robots in my head for days, and that’s not a bad thing.

12 – Neko Case. My first time seeing her, my friends and I drove to Montreal on a Tuesday evening, were mesmerized by her, and drove back. Worth every second.

13 – Jamiroquai — also in Montreal. Dude can dance.

14 – Two Hours Traffic

15 – Josh Ritter

16 – José Gonzalez

17 – Leonard Cohen

18 – Dave Matthews Band. I got a free ticket and went, knowing only a couple of songs. The stadium was one huge hotbox… A guy in a nearby seat got taken away by security for recording a video, in the meantime. The show? Meh.

19 – Manu Chao… the energy!

20 – Amadou & Mariam

21 – Ohbijou

22 – Elliott Brood

23 – The Golden Dogs

24 – Cat Power

25 – Great Lake Swimmers

26 – Wintersleep

27 – The Acorn

28 – Jenn Grant. Go see her. She astounds and moves me.

29 – Northern Pikes. And this was just a couple of years ago at a free outdoor folk festival. They were super super chatty, and an elderly lady yelled at them “Shut up and sing already!” Aw…

30, 31 and 32 – Justin Rutledge, Melissa McLelland and Luke Doucet (together and separately)

33 – Tori Amos.

34 – Craig Cardiff, who made me cry.

35 – Chad VanGaalen — possibly one of the most gifted renaissance guys around.

36 – Sunparlour Players

3Apr07_FFCW5.jpg ... and Cadence Weapon takes over (April 2007) picture by cbcfuse

37 – Final Fantasy, who oozes talent and eccentricity. His stint on Fuse also stands out in my mind; he did it with rapper Cadence Weapon, who played FF’s violin for a song.

38 – Kathleen Edwards

39 – Jim Bryson

40 – Hilotrons — a veritable dance party.

41 – Steve Earle. I got ridiculously close to the stage for this show, not even realizing who he is but then saying over and over “Oh, I know this song!”… It was a pretty humbling evening.

42 – Stars

43 – The Weakerthans. They have some of the most thoughtful, intelligent lyrics around. Their show was in keeping with this — really gracious with the fans.

44 – Feist. Love her stuff, but was disappointed by both shows I saw of her. Much prefer her cameo on Sesame Street.

45 – Meredice Luce. This is one incredibly talented girl (plus a lovely friend and terrific silkscreening helper!)

46 – Busdriver

47 – Matthew Barber

48 – Jill Barber

49 – Ben Harper

50 – The Rolling Stones… sort of. They played the Ex a few years ago, just a block from my apartment. I had people over and we listened from my balcony. They still got it.

How about you? Any shows worth mentioning? Who was your first / most recent / weirdest / best / loudest / most-embarassed-to-say-you-went-to concert?

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Huzzah for the Giveaway winners!

February 14th, 2009

I was overwhelmed by the response for my Valentine’s Schmalentine’s giveaway these past few weeks. From  144 ballots (entered by 88 peeps), I drew three winners:

  1. JessRawk — funky fellow Ottawa whom I’ve recently e-met through twitter; she chose a Jiggety Jig tee.
  2. AllThingsTangled — super sweet fellow etsian from Vegas, who also happens to be a professional magician (she performed for Obama during all the inauguration hoopla!); she chose the greeting cards.
  3. Rita Smeeta — who couldn’t use the remaining prize of Sens tickets, since she lives out of town… so I’m sending her four greeting cards of her choice. I’m thrilled to have found Rita’s adorable shop from her entry to this contest!

CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks to everyone for entering :)

Now… all I had to do after this was find a home for the Sens vs. Canucks tickets. Sounds easy enough, right?

I removed all entrants who I knew for sure were NOT from Ottawa from the draw. There were a few whose geography I wasn’t sure of, but I didn’t want to rule them out. And from this group, I picked Celeste Wilcox… but turns out she lives in Florida! So I’m sending her a couple of cards as a little token of thanks too.

After this, I pared down the entrants to just those who I knew for sure live in Ottawa, and picked Dave Little.  I excitedly let him know that he’d won… but since he has a newborn at home, he said he couldn’t go.

0/3 so far… It was looking like I was going to have to pay someone to take these suckahs off my hands!

I drew AGAIN from the “Ottawa only, for sure” list, and this time chose Rochelle Bryerton. And yahoo, the eagle has landed! Rochelle, as it turns out, is getting married TODAY, and we’re doing the ticket hand-off on Monday. Congrats to you, Roach — for winning these hotly-contested tickets, but even more so for your happy happy occasion.

The photo above shows the packages I put together for the prize winners (with addresses blurred out), and also includes a prize shirt to the 400th member of my facebook group, Bonnie Homewood. WHEW! Off to the post office I go, I go.

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How the Ottawa Business Journal made me into a cover girl

January 20th, 2009

Yes, that is indeed my mug on the front of the January 9th issue of the Ottawa Business Journal (OBJ). No clue how a friendly story about a t-shirt designer edges out the Nortel bankruptcy protection story… but I’ll take it!

Last week, I was contacted by Elizabeth Howell from the paper, and then a photoshoot and a phone interview later… ta-daaaa! All this came about because of a friendly family I met at a craft fair I did in November; the Dad of the fam is Jeff Pappone (motorsport correspondent for the Globe & Mail), and he very kindly suggested my t-shirts as a story to Elizabeth. Many many thanks, Jeff :)

I’m writing about this so soon after the journal hit the stands because neither “m chen wears” nor my website was printed with the story… so I’m hoping that if there are any souls out there who read the article and were intrigued, a simple google search will bring them to this blog post.

Another point of note… the photo credit for the shot of sweet Logann on page 11 goes to my partner-in-crime, John Bagnell. Here’s the original pic — lurrrvely:

As an aside (though still related) — my facebook group hit 412 members last week. For being member #400, Bonnie Homewood is getting an m chen wear of her choice. Congrats, Bonnie!

Oh, and one more thing… I thank my stars constantly and deeply appreciate all the support, attention, encouragement, interest and help I’ve gotten from friends, family, new acquaintances and strangers. Merci merci!!! I might be the luckiest person I know.

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