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Hilarity in hockey numbers…

February 27th, 2010

A big woohoo for the Canadian women’s hockey team, who won gold a couple of days ago at the Winter Olympics… and another shout-out to the men’s team, who play for gold tomorrow.

Just a quick post to share a hilarious video along this theme. Shaun Majumber from “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” and his unbelievably well thought-out and wonderfully-executed spiel to Sid the Kid, during Crosby’s Olympic Torch Relay stint in Halifax, Nova Scotia last November:

Makes perfect sense to me!!!

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What’s in a name (part III)? The risqué baking version.

January 19th, 2010

Obviously, I like name stories (ie. Uncle Carton and Bon Jovi)… and at the risk of being bombarded by even more spam than usual, I thought I’d share another funny one here.

You know that silly game of figuring out your porn name by taking [your first pet's name] + [your Mom's maiden name]? Well, when I do that, my handle is:

Muffin Pan

Seriously. And yes, I know there’s another version where you take [your middle name] + [the street you grew up on], but Sue LaVerendrye just doesn’t have the same ring.

What’s your triple-X alias? Let me know in a comment here, and I’ll send a whack of greeting cards to a randomly drawn one of you at the end of the month :)

The photo above is of raspberry walnut oatmeal muffins I baked the other night in our brand new muffin pans (which is what made me think of this post in the first place). So okay, I’ve decided that wedding registries aren’t 100% evil.

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So many awkward stages, so little time…

November 10th, 2009

I was at my parents’ place on Sunday night and took the opportunity to scan photos to include in a slide show on our upcoming Big Day. Hoo boy, there was no shortage pictures of me looking idiotic, as you can see above… Going through the albums was an ab workout, seriously. And you’re laughing WITH me — not AT me — right?? ;)

In a somewhat related note, I’m featured in my buddy June Shin’s blog today (with a giveaway, so go and enter!) — and in the Q&A, I admitted that I was mean as a little kid. But as you can guess from my “age 12″ photo, middle school was socially challenging for me so I definitely got my fair share of being on the receiving end of the teasing. And as a post-script to the Permo pic, can you believe that my grade 10 science teacher used my hair as an example of potential energy (stretched-out ringlet…) and kinetic energy (… released: boingggg!)?

I’m glad I went through a few awkward stages — they helped me get a better perspective on things and probably made me a stronger person. Most of all, they make for amusing slide shows.

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