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When? and Where?

April 19th, 2010

John and I took a stroll around the ‘hood on Sunday afternoon; it was (and has been generally) gorgeous out. The weather has been so warm, in fact, that the trees and flowers seem confused. There are tulips already in full bloom — about a month early, I think — as was this gorgeous magnolia tree:

And yet, meanwhile, just around the corner at a tasty Lebanese restaurant, we got a little shot of Christmas spirit:

I’d deck the halls with the hummus from this place anytime; their munchies are much better than their spelling.

Amidst the confusion of what time of year it is, we’re also in a tizzy about planning our whereabouts next week. Over the last couple of months, we’ve been planning a trip to Syria and Turkey. But then this little Icelandic volcano reared its ashy head.

Of course, we could take the chance of sticking with Plan A and hoping things (including a stopover in Heathrow) would work out. But after much thought and deliberation, we’ve decided that we want to remove the risk of being stranded somewhere. Ultimately, if we end up going elsewhere and then this whole situation clears up in the meantime, that would still be less frustrating than being delayed indefinitely and kicking ourselves for not having changed our plans.

So… here we are at 3:45 a.m. and John’s been on hold with Air Canada for who knows how long… Let’s hope we can swap destinations. Fingers crossed!

Any suggestions on where to go instead?

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

July 21st, 2009

John and I recently drove through a nearby town called Arnprior, and we stumbled across a beach… as well as this sign. Call me a “grammar geek”, but misplaced quotation marks “drive me batty”!

Grammar geekiness is one thing that John and I have in common… Below is a shot from Varadero, Cuba:

And then at a music festival in a nearby town called Perth… where, apparently, there’s this one kid who has a tent:

Below are a few other goodies I’ve taken on my travels in past years. Some have spelling errors, some are just plain hilarious.

Again, from Cuba… I promise, we hurtled nothing here:

They don’t like you to scribble while you’re visiting temples in Japan:

Koreans like to keep to themselves:

This sign in Taiwan speaks for itself:

Another billboard in Taiwan… doesn’t help with the “R” vs. “L” teasing:

Again, in Taiwan… a sign kindly letting foreigners know that it’s not a Western toilet:

A last one from Taiwan, and not even a sign… but way too hilarious not to share (unmatched!):

The spelling errors might’ve been intentional here though, to avoid copyright issues. Orrrrr… they’re just mistakes.

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