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Putting the “brrrr” back in Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

February 11th, 2010

A pair of now-frozen-solid socks, left behind at the Bank Street stairs to the Rideau Canal

Have I mentioned that I’m not a morning person? But today, I awoke to a 6:30 a.m. alarm (on purpose) so that John and I could do a before-work morning skate on the Rideau Canal — one of Ottawa’s most popular tourist attractions. Especially these days, in the midst of Winterlude (good luck finding a hotel in the city this month!), the Canal can be a hectic place to be… but at this hour, we only had to share with a few other ice-skating commuters and fellow early risers.

I love how the morning sun glares all golden on the buildings in the distance…

One con about going this early (besides eyeballs and the insides of my ears feeling like they were freezing solid, while the rest of my body was overheating with all the layers I’d put on) is that you can’t get a BeaverTail. Oh, Killaloe Sunrise, I will enjoy you soon. (For the non-locals, these are pastries and not actually beavertails; Obama got one when he visited last year!)

We saw this diligent kid, practicing his stickhandling. Can’t get much more Canadian than this!

There’s a display of teepees along the Canal — this is my artsy fartsy shot looking up at one. Again, I just love that sun bouncing off the top…

The quality of the ice surface can be pretty rutty. If you’re going at a good clip and then one of your blades gets caught in a big divet, it can result in something a little… like… this…

I promise, I made sure he was ok before I laughed :)

Woohoo to all the Ottawans and visitors who get the chance to visit Winterlude and have a glide (plus a Beavertail and cider) on the Canal. I’ll be back… but more likely during the p.m. hours.

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