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An apple a decade…

October 2nd, 2009

  1. Apple Of My Eye Valentine card by modern emotive (on sale!)
  2. Inspiration Apples. Fairytale Plush for Grownups by la pomme
  3. First Apples of the Season 8 x 12 Photo by honey and jam photos
  4. Apple Tree Willow, Small Tote by smidgebox
  5. Tiny Apple — Wool Felt Hair Clip by tinysweets
  6. Sweet Apple Stud Earrings by Dirt Road South
  7. Apple Cat Original Art Archival Print by wellerwishes

I just ate an apple. You might say, “Yeah, so?”

When I was in university, I started getting an itchy throat when I’d eat an apple — one of my favourite foods. I stubbornly kept eating them… but the reactions got worse. Nothing anaphylactic, but very uncomfortable. So, with a sad heart, I stopped eating apples. I could still do apple juice, pie, sauce, candy… just not the raw fruit.

Fast forward more than 10 years later >>> A client dropped by recently with a bag of freshly-picked MacIntoshes. I accepted graciously, knowing that John would probably get to eat them all. But after my client left, the sweet aroma was just too much… I thought “I’ll just have one bite and see.” And wouldn’t you know it — ladies and gentlemen, the allergy is GONE. Since then, it’s been apples every single day.

Yeah, so… it’s a big deal *crrrrrunch!*

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