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Moon of the honey

February 2nd, 2010

Back from Mexico, tanned, well-rested, and already in major withdrawal from the unlimited salsa and guac. We had a terrific week away, saw lots, ate too much, and I knit up a storm. You can see some of the gorgeous sights/sites that we did by googling images of ‘Playa del Carmen’, ‘Tulum’ and ‘Ek Balam’… and below are images that are perhaps less likely to be found on your typical postcard.

Our resort’s beach was undergoing major reconstruction — they were bringing in tonnes of sand from Cozumel and piping it in off a huge ship; luckily, we had access to another nearby beach. John was fascinated by the reconstruction project and took dozens of photos and vids of it… Romantic, huh?

We made the half-hour’s walk to Playa del Carmen a few times during the week. The best meal of the holiday, hands down, were arracheras at a joint called “Super Carnes” (Super Meat!).

There are these hollowed-out stones along the paths at Tulum, used for lighting. They were just asking to be mimicked…

I fell in love with all of the fauna we spotted, but this dude was my fav: an agouti. Isn’t he cute!??

Besides basic words, food dishes and Arriba arriba, my knowledge of Spanish is pretty limited. I was charmed to find out that “honeymoon” translates to “luna de miel”. Who knew?

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