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Antics of the fish at Gros Morne Park

April 26th, 2009

Tonight, I met John’s cousin who’s visiting from Newfoundland. We chatted about out east, and it reminded me I want to go back to visit. It also reminded me of the video above, which I shot last summer when John and I were driving out of Gros Morne Park; we couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on here… Anyone have a clue? Please let me know if so!

Here are a few other shots I took from our maritime excursion…
Approaching Port-aux-Basques, Nfld. on the ferry from North Sydney, N.S.

The quintessential clothesline — down to a science!

Another mystery — all the doors high above the ground… with no steps leading up to them?

Yes… must definitely go back!

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