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Rainy Sunday etsy love

May 31st, 2009

Pretty self-explanatory, how I came up with this idea, hey? It’s a good thing that when it grey, drab, wet and crappy out, one can still find such beautiful things online (and inside)!

  1. Rainy Day Gocco note card set by ouou
  2. Friends 8×10 Reproduction Print by michelemaule
  3. Umbrella Earrings by LuckyRabbitDesigns
  4. Rainy Monday Baybee Bootayz by poops
  5. Bumbershoot. Keyring. by clevergirl
  6. Zombie Friends and Pooch Dog Tote Bag by rockthezombie
  7. Rainy Day Tumbler by janellesonger

Enjoy these talented artists, stay dry, and feel free to share other links to rainy day artwork!

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