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Just call me a Plaskett-case

May 21st, 2009

It might be an understatement to say that I am a big fan of Joel Plaskett. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen him perform — from small-crowd solo shows to rocking band stints, the guy is a true entertainer. He makes a point of connecting with every town he visits, is a terrific storyteller, and never fails to give 100%.

His show tonight at the Bronson Centre was no exception; despite somewhat muffled sound and a few overzealous off-tempo clappers in the crowd, the whack of us enjoyed a stupendous show. Joel was joined onstage by his dad, backed up by Rose Cousins and Ana Egge, then also by the Emergency Band, including Peter Elkas (who, if you’ve paid attention, I’m a fan of too); he also threw in a couple of solo tunes. It was a great mix, overall, and he even got the room to belt out an ode about his earless cat, White Fang.

I will certainly be snagging Joel’s latest triple-cd album (entitled, of course, Three) ASAP.

I took a number of vids, but only have the oomph to upload this one tonight — the clearest & closest-up movie I took of the evening. Enjoy!

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Valentine’s with Peter Elkas

February 15th, 2009

In the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, John and I had a most romantic evening… at a BobCat house concert featuring Peter Elkas (and lovely opener Andrea Simms-Karp) with 40 other lucky audience members. I’ve seen Peter perform, oh, a few times… but in such an intimate space where you could hear a pin drop, this was an absolute treat and a truly unique experience.

Peter played with “Master of Music” Doug Friesen, who accompanied with a stand-up bass:

Photos by John Bagnell

Besides having talent, voice and charming banter, Peter also happens to be an incredibly nice and humble guy. Plus, he does a mean version of the Family Ties theme song.

Until you get the chance to see Peter live, drop by his myspace page to take a listen — ‘Party of One’ is still probably my favourite to sing along to. And if you ever get the chance to sit next to him, I urge you to try the ol’ yawn-and-stretch move — he’s a sucker for it!

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