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It’s showtime!

May 7th, 2010

Back from Cali, just in time for two local shows this weekend — to kick off the 2010 season:

    Also… remember when I posted a couple of sneek peak pictures of stuff I was working on? Well, I will have these new items at the events this weekend, and then I’ll also be posting them to etsy in the weeks to come. Here are a few photos of some of the new stuff…

    SCARVES — jersey fabric with raw edges

    FINGERLESS GLOVES — handsewn with jersey fabric

    REVERSIBLE BELTs — handsewn, similar to a traditional Japanese obi, and can be worn in a variety of ways, with ties done up in the front or the back. One side of the belt has a silkscreen on it, and the other side has more subtle sewn details. I’ve also made black and brown versions of these, with aqua ink.

    And I also printed re[TURN] — pictured below — and re[CONNECT] on forest-green tee-dresses:

    Have a terrific weekend!

    If you happen to come to either event, please drop by and say hello :)

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    In the neck of time…

    December 13th, 2009

    Winter has officially landed here in Ottawa. Let the grind of snow-shovelling, car-scraping and longjohn-wearing begin. One of many ways I keep from constantly shivering is my trusty collection of scarves. I’d love to add any of these gorgeous neck-hugging etsy finds to my horde:

    1. Sweet Pea Hand-Felted Scarf by ElenaMakesThings
    2. Christmas Lights Alpaca Scarf by phydeaux
    3. Oatmeal Drop Stitch Scarf by moocowhandknits
    4. Double Down Cowl by fringe
    5. Tube scarf / Cowl / Neckwarmer from Real Vintage German Mail Bag by malam
    6. Laurent… a scarf by Fluur
    7. Necklush Ultra — Winterberry by necklush

    On a related note, this past weekend rocked. For the first time in years, I knitted. I managed to finish a scarf that I started many moons ago — more decorative than warm, but still a ton of fun. Here’s one of the ends, avec tassels:

    And here’s a closer-up shot to show you the ‘yarn’:

    Like I said, I began this years ago, so I can say with only partial confidence that the name on the skein was “Kitty”; it also came in a copper/brown/gold combo. Even an über-amateur knitter like me can make this easily — I used 6mm needles, and used the knit stitch the whole way (since it’s so loose, there’d be no way of telling if I were on the knit or purl side anyway). This will be a Christmas gift for a good friend of mine; here’s hoping she doesn’t read this post and ruin her own surprise, ha!

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