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The murder of a thread, and a plug for a fellow silkscreener

December 16th, 2008

So back to the etsy addiction… there are forums (I call them ‘fora’ in my head, but I think most people would think I’m a dolt if I do that out loud) where folks can post opinions, questions, promotions, you name it. One type of promotion is what’s called a “threadkiller”. The original author offers up a prize from their own shop, then people enter to win by posting something (could be a hello, a note, whatever they want). The person who successfully submits a post with no other entries 24 hours after theirs wins the prize, and they have thus “killed” the thread.

I jumped on the threadkilling bandwagon on November 26th — I offered up any 8 greeting cards plus a set of gift tags from my shop. The thread just died yesterday… a slow, heavy-breathing death. The winner was Stacey of “inkwear99” — a feisty competitor who faithfully posted almost every day to beat out other entrants. Congrats, Stacey!

Funky sample item from the inkwear99 shop:

Old Skool Hot Rod Tattoo Inspired and Custom Designed Shoes

Congratulations, Stacey — the well-earned prize is in the mail :)

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