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Vive les amis!

May 19th, 2009

Last Friday, two of my dearest friends and my sister brought me to Montreal as a birthday surprise — 24 hours of overeating, strolling the streets, shopping (!!!) and a plain ol’ great girls’ getaway… something I haven’t done in far too long. A few pics of our antics and sights below…

Posing in front of a vent that created a crazy crosswind on the sidewalk we were walking along:

Ah, I’m so easily amused…

Delish dinner at “Au cinquième péché” (which I believe translates to “At the fifth deadly sin” — which is, of course, gluttony):

My sis and me, with our cherry blossom halos:

What a lucky lucky gal I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people. I gushed the whole time we were there. And did I mention I shopped?

The next day, John and I photographed his friend’s wedding — I was second shooter/assistant. I have a new appreciation for this job; it was TOUGH, and the frigid weather only added to the challenge. We took over 3400 shots between the two of us. This one I caught is one of my favourites — it’s of the couple’s 2-and-a-half-year-old near the end of the night… pooped!

I was thankful it was a long weekend because I needed half of Monday to recoup! All good things…

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A sisterly shout-out

April 29th, 2009

Today is my sister’s birthday, and I want to send out a booming “WOOHOO” her way, plus some e-birthday-bumps. Serena and I have pretty much always got along — amazingly. I don’t remember her once telling me to get lost when we were kids; in fact, she created full-on games and scenarios for us to play, did all the voices for my stuffed animals, illustrated stories and paper dolls for me, let me copy all her drawings… I was one lucky little sister. (Well, there was that one time she came up with a game, where if she said “lickety split!”, I’d have to do whatever she said as fast as I could… but I caught onto that! After a week or so…)

Happy birthday, Jeh — thanks for laughing harder at all my jokes than anyone else does, for being my creative sounding board, and for always being in my corner. You amaze me with your talent, your openness, and with the amount of noodles you can put down in one sitting.

All good things!

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