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Loveful addictions

March 16th, 2009

The super-sweet and talented jewellery-maker Nancy Wallis passed a “Kreativ Blogger” award my way recently. Nancy is part of a terrific Canadian crew who meet up on the Etsy forums to chat and give each other support. Thanks Nancy — both for being part of this amazing group and for thinking of me for this!

And then just today, the fantastic gretchenmist tagged me to take part in a ‘Harmless Addictions’ game. Gretchen is also on etsy, but we also connected on twitter, and from there have visited one another’s blogs. It never ceases to amaze me how much access there is to talented and friendly folks online…

The Kreativ award asks that I list 7 things I love, then tag 7 other peeps.
The addictions game asks that I list 5 harmless addictions, and pass along to 5 other peeps.
So I’ll split the difference and list 6 things I love/am addicted to, then pass along to 6 others.


Six things I love and am addicted to:

  1. The idea of developing my green thumb. That pic above is John and me about to tuck into cherry tomatoes and basil that we grew ourselves in our balcony garden — deeelish!
  2. My computer. I spend more time with my G5 than I do with just about anything/anyone else, and it helps me do some very fun fun stuff (including my day job!).
  3. Soppressata. If it’s in the house, it’s as good as gone.
  4. Live music. Listening to music is great too, but seeing it performed well and in person can be awe-inspiring.
  5. Comfortable shoes. These feet will never wear stilettos. Comfort over fashion, hands down.
  6. Tea. Peppermint, ‘Sugar Plum’ when it’s available (Xmas time) and especially licorice. Always with a dollop of honey.


As for who’s “it” next:

  1. Mike Lightman — copywriter guy who makes me laugh
  2. San Smith — illustrator extraordinaire
  3. She Sews Lovely — her name explains it all
  4. Ranting & Raving — cupcake maker and music lover
  5. Smeeta — maker of Bubs and other adorable stuffs
  6. Brian Hartley — daily doodler

Would’ve tagged more if I could — and would love to know what your loves/addictions are!

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Huzzah for the Giveaway winners!

February 14th, 2009

I was overwhelmed by the response for my Valentine’s Schmalentine’s giveaway these past few weeks. From  144 ballots (entered by 88 peeps), I drew three winners:

  1. JessRawk — funky fellow Ottawa whom I’ve recently e-met through twitter; she chose a Jiggety Jig tee.
  2. AllThingsTangled — super sweet fellow etsian from Vegas, who also happens to be a professional magician (she performed for Obama during all the inauguration hoopla!); she chose the greeting cards.
  3. Rita Smeeta — who couldn’t use the remaining prize of Sens tickets, since she lives out of town… so I’m sending her four greeting cards of her choice. I’m thrilled to have found Rita’s adorable shop from her entry to this contest!

CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks to everyone for entering :)

Now… all I had to do after this was find a home for the Sens vs. Canucks tickets. Sounds easy enough, right?

I removed all entrants who I knew for sure were NOT from Ottawa from the draw. There were a few whose geography I wasn’t sure of, but I didn’t want to rule them out. And from this group, I picked Celeste Wilcox… but turns out she lives in Florida! So I’m sending her a couple of cards as a little token of thanks too.

After this, I pared down the entrants to just those who I knew for sure live in Ottawa, and picked Dave Little.  I excitedly let him know that he’d won… but since he has a newborn at home, he said he couldn’t go.

0/3 so far… It was looking like I was going to have to pay someone to take these suckahs off my hands!

I drew AGAIN from the “Ottawa only, for sure” list, and this time chose Rochelle Bryerton. And yahoo, the eagle has landed! Rochelle, as it turns out, is getting married TODAY, and we’re doing the ticket hand-off on Monday. Congrats to you, Roach — for winning these hotly-contested tickets, but even more so for your happy happy occasion.

The photo above shows the packages I put together for the prize winners (with addresses blurred out), and also includes a prize shirt to the 400th member of my facebook group, Bonnie Homewood. WHEW! Off to the post office I go, I go.

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