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The life is the pink wagon

December 18th, 2008

This past summer, I participated in my first round of craft and art shows as a vendor — and boy, was there a ton to learn. Just knowing what shows there were in town, which were worth applying to, how best to apply, yadda yadda yadda. My second show was a big’un — Art in the Park, a massive annual outdoor Glebe event that features 250 artists from the vicinity.

Somehow, amidst the chaos, I managed to make the acquaintance of Andrea Stokes — the lovely and talented force behind Pink Wagon. Ain’t she fine?

I’d heard Andrea’s name before, as well as that of Pink Wagon, and had already done some moderate to shameful drooling over the stuffs on her website. At Art in the Park, we did a swap — she snagged one of my gunneling rhino tees (in raspberry, of course) and I got one of her super cute birdie hats.

Since then, she’s been a wealth of knowledge for me as a newcomer on the local DIY scene, and we’ve found we have more in common than our love of making stuff (not the least of which is our obsession in the 90’s with the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir). This is one wing I’m happy to be taken under.

Post-script pics…



Post-post-script… Anyone catch the Jane Siberry nod?

One more very regretful and sad post-script, added on Saturday, December 20th…

Andrea and I had a lovely back and forth late on Thursday evening, just after I posted the above note. She told me that her company name was indeed named after the Jane Siberry song “The Life is the Red Wagon” — her and husband’s marriage song; the lyrics (see below) were read at their wedding. When it came time to name her company, “Red Wagon” was already taken, so she snagged Pink instead.

And then, a ton of bricks hit yesterday. Andrea’s husband died of a sudden heart attack in the early hours of Friday morning. I can’t begin to express the sadness or shock that has hit me… and this coming from someone so peripheral in Andrea’s life. I met Barry on the day of the Ladyfest event earlier this month; he helped Andrea set up her stall, brought her coffee, and then came back at the end of the day to help take everything down. From everything I can see and tell, he was an amazingly supportive partner and father, and this just all seems to unbelievable.

Andrea asked that I let all her facebook contacts know of the news, but as I got to the “C’s” in her list, facebook stopped me because my behaviour triggered a spamming warning… so I couldn’t continue. Since then, she has joined the fb group in memory of Barry, and posted related notes — this may help let people know of her circumstances.

It is clear, Andrea, from the folks on Barry’s group and from what I know of you, that you have a strong vibrant and compassionate support system all around you, and I am certain that they are all ready for you to lean hard on them at this incredibly trying time. Lean hard, and let us pull for you.


Lyrics for ‘The Life is the Red Wagon’ by Jane Siberry

you watch the slow train moving
through the city late at night
adjusting back and forth
against the darkness and street lights
I know that you’re feeling bad
but I’m glad you didn’t lie
easy to get caught up…but you know
you can always you can always
you can always walk away

the life is the red wagon rolling along
the life is the red wagon simple and strong
the life is the red…is the red…
oh, it’s no big deal
but when the feet are draggin’

you pull me
and I pull for you
you pull me
and I pull for you

past the teeming marketplace
and the blur of faces there
past the silent dockyards
and the darkness looming there
maybe it won’t work this time
but that’s the risk you take
(and you want to take it)
and just as long as it feels right
doesn’t matter just as long as…
doesn’t matter …gotta feel good
even though you don’t know why

the life is the red wagon rolling along
the life is the red wagon simple and strong
the life is the red…is the red…
oh, it’s no big deal
but when the feet are draggin’

you pull me
and i pull for you
you pull me
and i pull for you

the life is the red wagon
simple and strong.


For anyone who would like to join, there is a facebook group, in loving memory of Barry Doyle.

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It’s alive… REALLY alive!

December 10th, 2008

Man, who knew blogging was so complicated? I figured it would just be a quickstart thing, but there were a few snags… the sweet man who programmed my site (yay Tony!) had to basically reboot the whole thing to get all the bells and whistles going; so now you can click around, subcribe to the RSS feed, and comment — and everything seems to work. As a result of the reboot though, I had to re-post my first three posts.

Please do let me know if you ever encounter and glitches or blips here. If there are any problems with this blog — besides content ;) — they’re only here because I don’t know of the issue.

One little rave before I head to bed. My latest obsession is with etsy.com — a site where a couple hundred thousand artists/artisans (myself included) sell their goods. There is so much damn talent, all in one site. I’ve decided to do all my Christmas shopping from the site this year — both because there’s just SO much cool stuff on there, and also to support other artheads like me.

Got this amazing copper bangle for my dear friend Amanda (already gifted, so this ain’t a spoiler):
honeycomb copper bangle

And this sweet pure silver maple seed necklace for John’s Mum (she doesn’t have a computer, so I know she won’t see this):

SALE Pure Silver Maple Seed Pendant previously 38.00 now 30.00

And this wet bag, which is SO well made and with the funkiest fabric, for dear friend Pascale (again, already gifted):

Wet Bag in Honeydew Bikini Line

All the other loot I got is waiting to be given at holiday time. It’s the earliest I’ve ever had so much of my shopping done though, and it’s pretty fun to have a steady stream of snail mail landing at my doorstep! It’s especially cool to shop this way, since I have a huuuuge aversion to malls. I think it’s because I feel like people become zombies in malls. Either that, or jackasses.

So there’s my plug for the day. And with that, farewell to hump day!

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