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Gratitude (albeit late…)

March 22nd, 2010

Ohhhh, Emily Post would be tsk-tsking us if she knew, but we’re only just getting around to doing our wedding Thank You cards now. I think the rule of thumb is that we have a year to send them out, but at almost four months post-nuptials, we feel like delinquents.

I used one of our favourite shots on the big day (taken by Jon Rennie), laid out a card, then got it output by a printer in town, and they came out terrifically! Now, to write them out, address / stamp / post them, and send a couple of photos to some of the relatives at the same time… we’ll get there eventually.

On a distantly related note, John had a terrific opportunity a couple of weeks ago to go on a plane ride (in a Cessna, to be exact) with a friend of ours. He, of course, took a whack of photo gear. Here’s one of many shots he got flying around the city:

That crazy-shaped building right in the middle of the image? That’s the Museum of Civilization, where we got hitched in November. For any plane or aerial shot fanatics, you can see a bunch of other shots John took on his flight by clicking here.

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Good thanks come in small packages

January 15th, 2009

My latest little project has been these puppies:BIG THANKS - teeny tiny recycled envelopes and hand-lettered cards (set of 12)

These itty bitty one-inch-square envelopes are made with lots of TLC and squinting, out of recycled magazine pages. And then, I stuff each of them with cards, on which I handwrite individually in silver pen:

BIG THANKS - teeny tiny recycled envelopes and hand-lettered cards (set of 12)I posted this listing for a set of 12 for the first time last night… and it lasted all of 3 minutes, thanks to paisleybaby, one of my favourite fellow etsians and Canucks (she’s got mad sewing skills and gorgeous fabrics!).

In the meantime, I’m researching giclée printing, and also getting the rumblings of a new line o’ wears. Somewhere in there, there’s a busy day job too… But it’s all good and happy, I promise. I just have a little more glue and silver ink on my hands :)

Next post will be a Graphic Details!

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