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October 12th, 2009

Today is Thanksgiving for us Canucks. I don’t remember the last time my family did turkey for the occasion — that’s ok… I actually prefer the hot pots, taiwanese fajitas and other great eats we enjoy! But I do like to take the extra time to give a nod to and appreciate all the stuff that I have to be grateful for.

Little things like the mind-blowing coffee at my favourite café (Wild Oat at Bank & Fourth, if you’re ever in the Glebe), how gorgeous Autumn is, the friendly cats on my street, and getting over my apple allergy.

And then the big things like my health, my family, living in Canada, feeling like I have the option to try just about anything (even if it flops), having unbelievably terrific friends, and finding a true partner in life.

A few humble thoughts I have about gratitude…

  • Making a point of celebrating. Recently, someone dear to me got good (and relieving) news from the doctor. I brought over the below cake. The news was all we needed to be happy, to be sure, but adding dessert never hurts:

  • The little things add up. I believe in ‘what goes around comes around’. I’ve definitely found that the more good energy I put out there, the more lucky I get.
  • Picking my battles. Something I’ve heard more and more over the years is that I’m “so laid back”. I used to be one pre-e-e-etty tightly-wound kid, though; I was über-judgmental, I would lament the gap in my teeth, I took way too much personally, and on and on… I tell ya, it was exhausting. Life is a lot simpler since I’ve focused on the good stuff and let go of most of the molehills.

Oh! One other thing I’m thankful for: all you folks who drop in and read my ramblings, especially when you leave comments. I had no idea that I’d be averaging over 4000 unique visitors a month by now, and it’s overwhelmingly flattering. Thank you for making this worthwhile!

Do you have any wise words to share?

Or anything you’re particularly thankful for?

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