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My popsicles and I could use your help…

April 7th, 2010

After some encouragement from people over the year to try submitting designs to Threadless, I finally took the plunge and submitted my first-ever entry to a contest on the site. My design just got the go-ahead this morning to be scored:

And here’s where I ask very humbly for your help…

I have one week to collect feedback (hopefully positive :), and this informs the judges of this contest. You need to have an account on Threadless to enter scores (0-5, low to high) and to comment on the entries. Apparently, checking off “I’d buy it…” also helps a design (and there’s no obligation to buy anything if you do check it off!).

So if you’re game and have the time, I would sure appreciate if you scored/commented on my entry, and perhaps even deemed it purchase-worthy.

The contest I entered is called Threadless loves Havaianas — and the challenge was to come up with a summer-inspired design for both t-shirt and flip flops. I went with simple but fun, and nostalgic too… I’m a sucker for frozen treats, even if I wasn’t always coordinated at breaking them the right way.

As for the technical stuff, I created the artwork in Adobe Illustrator — I used the shapes and pen tools for most of it, then used my Wacom Cintiq to draw a more organic and poutier mouth.

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to help out!

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