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Tigers and Pretzels and Hearts, oh my

February 14th, 2010

Today is new year’s day in the lunar calendar, ringing in the year of the Tiger. I tooled around on Etsy to find some terrific tigerly stuffs…

  1. Orange Tiger stripe dangler earrings by MountainManCreations
  2. Tiger hat by Jackthemanabouttown
  3. Year of Tiger Canvas Field Bag by namu
  4. Tiger Pocket Mirror by SparklePaw (also available on a greeting card)
  5. Zombie Tiger Mask Print by MATTY8080
  6. Tiger Lampwork Beads by perfectlyadorned
  7. T is for Tiger (Limited Edition Print) by jenniferfrench

So yes, I’m doubled up for holidays this fine Sunday — with new year’s and Valentine’s. The first part of the day, John and I headed over to my parents for a terrific lunch, which included red bean rice cake dessert. Then we partook in a centuries-old Taiwanese New Year’s tradition: making soft pretzels. (Okay okay, I’m having some fun with you there… but I really would love for it to become a family tradition!)

Pretty simple (and fun) to make, and absolutely deeeelicious.

So now, just minutes before 8 p.m., I’m still so stuffed to the gills that I can’t imagine having dinner anytime soon. Good thing we didn’t want to deal with Valentine’s traffic and decided to forego dinner reservations tonight! Burrrrp. Plus, John is on the computer dealing with a work issue that came up. Ah, romance!

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Valentine’s Day — the mooshier side

February 5th, 2010

Ok, so I did a Bah, humbug Valentine’s post last week, and I may have issue with how Hallmarkish the holiday has become… but the softie part of me does like the sentiment of the day. If someone puts thought and care into a gift or gesture, how can that not be a good thing? Here are some fun Valentine things I found on etsy — much cooler than the typical box of chocolates!

  1. Lovestruck print by HidenSeek
  2. Pink cinnamon marshmallow hearts by whimsyandspice
  3. Valentine’s panties by birdapparel
  4. French Bulldog says Je t’aime by sycamorestreetpress
  5. My patchwork heart – one of a kind stained glass by PamelaAngus
  6. Flora Earrings – Vintage Cloisonné Charms on Brass by PoleStar
  7. Bear in Briefs by MinnieMiller

These kick a dozen roses in the butt, in my humble opinion! On the off chance you like any of these, I thought I’d post them now so that you might be able to order them in time for the 14th.


p.s. Thanks to the folks who played the naughty name game with me last month. Congrats to Jen Blattman, whose name I drew — I’ll be sending her a bunch of my greeting cards!

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Valentine’s with Peter Elkas

February 15th, 2009

In the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, John and I had a most romantic evening… at a BobCat house concert featuring Peter Elkas (and lovely opener Andrea Simms-Karp) with 40 other lucky audience members. I’ve seen Peter perform, oh, a few times… but in such an intimate space where you could hear a pin drop, this was an absolute treat and a truly unique experience.

Peter played with “Master of Music” Doug Friesen, who accompanied with a stand-up bass:

Photos by John Bagnell

Besides having talent, voice and charming banter, Peter also happens to be an incredibly nice and humble guy. Plus, he does a mean version of the Family Ties theme song.

Until you get the chance to see Peter live, drop by his myspace page to take a listen — ‘Party of One’ is still probably my favourite to sing along to. And if you ever get the chance to sit next to him, I urge you to try the ol’ yawn-and-stretch move — he’s a sucker for it!

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