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To OFF I go…

August 12th, 2010

This weekend is the Ottawa Folk Festival, and I’m a little more excited about it than in past years… that’s because I’ve been working fiendishly on the event’s t-shirt and program design! I can’t wait to see all the volunteers and staff wearing the duds (sneak peek here, courtesy of Ming Wu :) — plus there’ll also be merch tees being sold.

This is the final t-shirt design:

I’ve shown it on a turquoise background because that’s what the women’s tees will look like (the unisex tees will be heather grey, and the kids’ tees will be red).

They asked me to come up with a design that was clearly music-based, funky, community- and nature-oriented, and not the typical banjo or guitar imagery… so I came up with this Seussian fellow and his critter bandmates.

Behind the scenes, my process went a little like this…

After a few sketches on paper, I did up a rough illustration in Corel Painter (as always, on my trusty Cintiq):

I brought the graphic into Adobe Illustrator, did a “Live Trace”, then cleaned things up a little; that’s what I presented for my first round of mock ups. For the next round, I went back to do a more complete drawing, again in Painter:

And again, I brought it into Illustrator to vectorize and clean it up, plus I added the text. Apparently, the woodpecker on the keys was a big hit at the OFF office :)

As for the program, I was able to use a lot of different elements from the t-shirt illustration throughout. Here’s the cover and a sample two-page spread looks like:

It’s been tons of fun to work on (though admittedly hectic!) — and I am so grateful to have been asked to do it.

Here’s a funny thing: I started up m chen wears a couple of years ago because I wanted to do more illustration. And as a direct result of doing these crazy t-shirts, I have been getting more creative work in my graphic design day-job. I never knew that my side gig would end up feeding my main gig! This particular project came about because one of the OFF staff had seen my shirts.

Just more proof that if there’s something you really love to do, then do it — and it might just grow into something bigger.

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My popsicles and I could use your help…

April 7th, 2010

After some encouragement from people over the year to try submitting designs to Threadless, I finally took the plunge and submitted my first-ever entry to a contest on the site. My design just got the go-ahead this morning to be scored:

And here’s where I ask very humbly for your help…

I have one week to collect feedback (hopefully positive :), and this informs the judges of this contest. You need to have an account on Threadless to enter scores (0-5, low to high) and to comment on the entries. Apparently, checking off “I’d buy it…” also helps a design (and there’s no obligation to buy anything if you do check it off!).

So if you’re game and have the time, I would sure appreciate if you scored/commented on my entry, and perhaps even deemed it purchase-worthy.

The contest I entered is called Threadless loves Havaianas — and the challenge was to come up with a summer-inspired design for both t-shirt and flip flops. I went with simple but fun, and nostalgic too… I’m a sucker for frozen treats, even if I wasn’t always coordinated at breaking them the right way.

As for the technical stuff, I created the artwork in Adobe Illustrator — I used the shapes and pen tools for most of it, then used my Wacom Cintiq to draw a more organic and poutier mouth.

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to help out!

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March 31st, 2010

Just a quick note to blab about a fun project I worked on this week — which includes an illustration of a hockey goal light:

The graphic is going to be used to promote a contest for all fellow Ottawa Sens fans: the winner gets two VIP goal judge seats to a playoff game, right on the glass. Plus a bunch of other stuff like access to a buffet, intermission munchies, and access to the VIP lounge. (Click here or on the graphic above to enter.)

I’m hoping that I can come help get ballots filled out at one of the upcoming games… it involves wearing a construction hat with one of these red flashing lights on top of it and approaching peeps to enter. As you may know, I’m all over helmet-wearing AND hockey, so I hope to make it out one of these days.

In terms of the illustration, I did it in Adobe Illustrator. I drew the outlines and highlights with my Wacom Cintiq, and then all the other elements, I created with the pen tool and my old school mouse. A fun fun job, all around!

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