Mchenwears - Hand-printed wearable art


Frequently Asked Questions

If there's anything I haven't answered here, please feel free to drop a line and ask away!

  • Where do the designs come from?

The designs on the shirts and cards I sell are all my own original digital illustrations. For the shirts, I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and for the cards, I also use Corel Painter. I use a Wacom tablet and pen to create the graphics.

  • Who does all the printing?

That's me! I silkscreen every wear 'n' tote individually; the largest batch of any design in a particular colour combo is 48 (twelve per size) — so these are not exactly mass-produced. I always have a helper, either my Dad, sister or a friend. The screen building, emulsion exposing, ink-colour mixing and printing all happens in my parents’ basement, atop their ping pong table. It’s a very slick process! See "Behind the Scenes" (bottom righthand button on the home page) for a more detailed description.

  • Who are all the models?

Those would be my very kind, willing, supportive and DAMN cute friends and family, all of whom have been great sports throughout this crazy endeavour of mine!

  • Who takes all the pictures?

I get a ton of help from my partner-in-crime, John Bagnell — who just happens to be a ridiculously talented photographer (check out I take a bunch of the shots too, but those are typically the more straightforward ones ;)

  • Where do you you sell your shirts?

So far, I sell my shirts at local craft shows and festivals. I'll keep you posted in the "events" section on this site as they come up. I also sell online at Etsy (; my prices online are slightly higher than they are in person — this is to cover my listing costs, the percentages that Etsy and Paypal each take, and the legwork to manage/market the shop.

  • How much are shirts and totes?

IN PERSON: shirts with puffy/shirred sleeves or fronts, or with 3/4 sleeves are $35 Canadian. All other shirts and tanks are $30 Canadian. All totes are $30 Canadian. Prices include taxes. For all in-person purchases, I take cash only.

ON ETSY: prices are in US dollars and are listed per item in the store. On Etsy, you can pay with Paypal.

  • What kind of shirts do you print on?

So far, all the shirts are American Apparel and, therefore, made in the States. For my next line, I'm looking into other options... but I do still have a couple of boxes of shirts from AA to use up as well.

  • What kinds and colours of totes do you have?

There are (1) Natural grocery bags, and (2) Black or (3) Natural courier bags. All bags have 4-inch gussets (ie, they have a flat bottom, so they can carry a lot) and are made of 100% cotton; the grocery bags are made of recycled cotton. All bags are made in Canada. I order them from Mississauga from a company called "Fair Deal Import and Export".

  • Seriously now... is that REALLY Bryan Adams?

Dear talented Colin Cripps told me one day that Bryan was coming to TO for the Walk of Fame awards, and did I want to pass along one of my shirt to him? The tee was in the mail within hours... Colin gave the shirt to Bryan, and then the lovely also-talented Kathleen Edwards shot the photo you saw on the home page. So yup, it really is him! (And apparently, he really digs the shirt :)

  • Is this your full-time gig?

Maybe one day! For now, this is just a side project. By day, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator — which I also really enjoy. I'm also working on revamping my design and illustration sites too. Ah... if only there were more time in the day!

  • Can I pass your website around?

I really hope you do! Word-of-mouth is my friend.